ESC Covers has the largest library in South Africa of Eurovision songs, both original and cover. We are working on a the list of Eurovision song contest covers throughout the years; some made famous in other languages. If you would like to contribute to the library by donating a Eurovision CD from any country or year, please send to: ESC Covers president Roy van der Merwe PO Box 809 Bergbron 1712 South Africa

The idea is to list each and every cover done by someone from South Africa and it will be done country by country and inside each country in date order. Also is a list the covers done of Melodifestivalen covers and then lastly covers of songs by EUROVISION artists.

We have now also added pages where we will look at songs composed by FAMOUS Eurovision composers and our first attention will be at Ralph Siegel, Bernd Meinunger and then the ABBA guys, Bjorn and Benny.

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Fans of Eurovision Song Contest cover songs