2021 Eurovision in review


James Newman – ‘Embers’

Having ditched the ‘You decide’ format for 2020 and after handing over responsibilty to BMG music to sort out the UK Eurovision entry, things were looking quite promising for the UK when James Newman’s ‘My last breath was generally well received by the Eurovision fan base.

Fast forward one year and after the usual period of total silence from the BBC, James Newman was recently finally confirmed as the returning artist for 2021.


Whilst ‘Embers’ is a contemporary upbeat dance track that wouldn’t be out of place in the mid reaches of the UK charts (if such things matter anymore) it lacks the originality of ‘My last breath’.

No doubt, James will give a spirited on stage performance and the song will entertain for its 3 minute allotted slot in Rotterdam, but outside of that all UK fans can look forward to is another year of indifference from the BBC and the hope of better things in 2022

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