Listen to the violin cover of ‘Nocturne’ by Violin Lorellin

Violin Lorellin is a talented violin player from Ukraine. She has recently covered Nocturne, the 1995 Eurovision winner by Secret Garden for Norway. You can check out more of Violin Lorellin and her violin work at her official YouTube site  In the meantime take a listen to the cover of Nocturne below. Source: ESC […]

Watch Violin Lorellin play ‘Nocturne’ by Secret Garden

Violin Lorellin is a talented musician from Ukraine. She plays the violin and she recently covered the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Nocturne by Secret Garden. Check out Violin Lorellin’s interpretations of Nocturne below. You can also follow her music on her official YouTube channel  Source: ESC Covers


Norway won in Moscow and so it was time to return to Oslo for Eurovision 2010. Norway is a very expensive country but since I always share a hotel room with Morten at Eurovision, this time Eurovision was in his home city, no hotel was needed as I would stay at his house. Of course […]


Nina is the second member of In Fusion to answer the questions from ESC Covers 1. Since you are from NORWAY – what is your best highlight from Norway’s entries at Eurovision I absolutely love ‘’Secret Garden’’ from 1995. Me and my best friend sometimes lie down with our eyes closed and just listen to […]