Listen to the violin cover of ‘Nocturne’ by Violin Lorellin

Violin Lorellin is a talented violin player from Ukraine. She has recently covered Nocturne, the 1995 Eurovision winner by Secret Garden for Norway. You can check out more of Violin Lorellin and her violin work at her official YouTube site  In the meantime take a listen to the cover of Nocturne below. Source: ESC […]


Philipp Kirkorov from Russia covered the 2008 Eurovision entry from Sweden, HERO of Charlotte Perrelli in the Russian language. Philipp Kirkorov represented Russia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana. He is also a legendary songwriter and performer and Eurovision fan. You can see Kirkorov perform Hero below. Source: ESC Covers; Russia-1  

Magazin release new song ‘ŽENA, A NE BROJ’ and will take part in the 2017 CMC Festival

Grupa Magazin will take part in the popular CMC Festival in Croatia to be held in June this year with their song ŽENA, A NE BROJ. The song has a beautiful Balkan style melody and features the charming vocals of Andrea Šušnjara (who sang Lijepa Tena for Croatia at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Igor Cukrov). Magazin […]

Magazin release their new single – ‘Macho Man’

Grupa Magazin have released their brand new single and video clip. The song is titled Macho Man and is composed by Tonči Huljić and Vjekoslava Huljić and the arrangement is by Dušan Vasić. Magazin represented Croatia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Nostalgija where the vocalists were Danijela Martinović with guest Lidija. Now the lead […]

Magazin are back with ‘Ima Dana’ at CMC Festival in Croatia

Grupa Magazin are one of the most popular bands in the Balkans. They represented Croatia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Nostalgija. Now Magazin are back with a brand new song for the summer of 2016. It is titled Ima Dana (Some days). The lead vocalist for Magazin these days is Andrea Šušnjara, who is no […]

Magazin release new single and video – Doktore

Group Magazin are a very popular group that were originally formed in the 70s and are massively popular in Croatia and all the Balkan countries. Magazin represented Croatia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with the the song Nostalgija. Danijela Martinović was the lead vocalist at that time and she later also represented Croatia herself at the […]