‘Samo da se zna (Jaka sam ti sa)’ is the latest song by Grupa Magazin

Grupa Magazin have released their brand new song Samo da se zna (Jaka sam ti sa) (Just to know (I am strong). This is the song Magazin will take forward to the CMC Music Festival in Croatia in September. Samo da se zna (Jaka sam ti sa) is composed by Tonči Huljić and Vjekoslava Huljić. The arrangement is […]

Alexander Rybak releases two new songs – ‘Give Me Rain’ and ‘My Whole World’

Alexander Rybak is back with not one, but two, new singles. The songs are Give Me Rain and My Whole World. Give Me Rain is a catchy pop song with a catchy chorus and some nice string effects. My Whole World is a ballad song, almost with a country feel, with violin and strings. Alexander Rybak […]

Albania: Check out the official website of Kejsi Tola

ESC Covers would like to make you aware of the official website of Kejsi Tola. It is packed with her music, news, show details and merchandise. Just go to www.kejsitola.com  . Kejsi gave us real fan favourite at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, representing Albania, with the unforgettable performance of Carry Me In Your Dreams. […]

Hadise returns with ‘Geliyorum Yanına’

Hadise is back with a summer banger! The song is called Geliyorum Yanına (I’m coming to you). It is a real upbeat and feelgood track with a pulsating beat and production. Geliyorum Yanına is composed by Gülşen. It was in 2009 that Hadise represented Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest with Dum Tek Tek. You can see […]

Dorina releases cover songs of ‘Mengjesi i kesaj here’ and ‘As ti’

Dorina has released a couple of new cover versions. She has released songs of Elvana Gjata, Mengjesi i kesaj here (Breakfast this time) and As ti (You too). Dorina was on the Eurovision stage with Kejsi Tola at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest representing Albania. She is now a successful music video producer as well […]

Kejsi Tola releases beautiful acoustic version of her summer hit ‘U Rritem’

Kejsi Tola has just released a beautiful and gentle acoustic version of her big summer hit, U Rritem (I grew up). This version has been stripped back it has a unique charm and showcases Kejsi’s crystal clear vocals. The video clip for the acoustic version of U Rritem is filmed on a rooftop building and […]

Kejsi Tola releases new single ‘U Rritem’ … and stars at 2018 Stockholm Europride

Kejsi Tola is back in a big way for the summer of 2018. She has just released an amazing new single and beautiful video clip for U Rritem (I grew up). It has a most charming and haunting melody with some ethnic influences and a strong production. U Rritem is composed by Flori Mumajesi and the […]

Arash teams up with Nyusha, Pitbull and Blanco for FIFA World Cup football song

Arash, Nyusha, Pitbull, Blanco have all teamed up for a FIFA World Cup football song. It is entitled Goalie, Goalie. The song is composed by Mohombi, Cederic Lorrain, Blanco “The Ear”, Armando Christian Perez, Alexandru Cotoi, Andrei Ropcea and Cezar Cazano. It is produced by  Alexandru Cotoi and co-produced by Andrei Ropcea and Bennie Amey III. Arash […]

‘Hot Bhangra’ – the new single by DJ Valdi feat. Elena

Another hot new release for the summer of 2017 in Romania is Hot Bhangra by DJ Valdi feat. Elena. It is a great dance/pop track with influences of the Indian Bhangra music. The music video also reflects this with the dancing and dress style of Elena and the dancers. Hot Bhangra is courtesy of Cat Music and Blanco […]

Alexander Rybak pays tribute to Portuguese Eurovision winner

Alexander Rybak has paid a charming tribute to the winner of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Salvador Sobral, and the song Amar Pelos Dois. He has recorded a short version using unofficial English lyrics written by himself. Alexander won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for Norway with Fairytale. You can see the video below of […]