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In honour of Lighthouse X I said there will be 10 competitions in the run up to be departing on 30 April. so this is the 10th competition.

But I have misjudged myself with how many items there are for fans to win, so there may be more competitions in the last days before my departure – I will see.

This one will be special. In 1984 THE HERREYS won Eurovision from starting position 1 with Diggi loo diggi ley, dancing in their golden shoes. I really love this song and it has been a dream of me to have it covered in Afrikaans (it is quite an easy song to cover in various languages and I have covers of it in at least 7 other languages besides Swedish and English). Now finally after 32 years there is an Afrikaans version – obviously called DIGGI LOO DIGGI LEY as well. I do not want to say too much now of this because it is a surprise gift to Richard Herrey (one of the 3 brothers) and now the CEO of the Hard rock cafe in Stockholm. I will give him a copy when we are in Stockholm, the exact day and time will be announced. but it will be either Tuesday 10 May during the OGAE Finnish pre-party and Thursday 12 May when we meet with Thomas Gson and Minus one of Cyprus.

There will be one extra copy for a fan of Eurovision who will be in Stockholm and all you have to do to win this is share as a comment to this post your memories of Diggi loo diggi ley.

As you can see from the attached article from 1984, The Herreys were suppose to come to South Africa but half way on their journey they were called back by the Swedish government in protest against the government of South Africa at the time. So I was deprived of seeing Herreys and only met Richard for the first time in 2007 in Helsinki during the Eurovision there.