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2021 TOP 100 EUROVISION SONGS – position 5

No fewer than 171 people from 46 different countries have sent us a top 10. We are very happy with this great interest and would like to thank everyone who sent us a TOP 10! It’s time to reveal the 100 most mentioned songs, we go on with no. 10!

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STAR OF THE WEEK – KIRKA – Song 6 Mamy blue

STAR OF THE WEEK is a project by INFE South Africa and INFE Ireland, in which throughout the week the attention is focused on 1 singer, duo or group.
Kirka is this week’s STAR OF THE WEEK and today’s song is:
Mamy Blue, a 1970 originally French song written by Hubert Giraud. The song is covered a lot, one of these covers is sung in Finnish by Kirka.