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Morten Thomassen wrote about 1983 when Israel almost made it to the top. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Israel has managed the feat of winning a victory by a 6-point margin and losing a victory by a 6-point margin of victory.

We will look at the latter today, we are talking about Ofra Haza and her contribution from 1983 called “Hi”.

It was Luxembourg who drew the longest straw this evening, but many fans probably thought that song was a bit too gloomy a ballad and behind this song, no less than 3 songs of the happy kind fought for the points.

Down to the third place that a Swedish hottie named Carola took, it was only 10 points and she beat a Yugoslavian hottie by just one point.

Close to the top, in other words, but today’s hero Ofra Haza was to get her “revenge” a few years later.

In 1998, she released the song “Im Nin’alu” which simply became a world hit and not many ESC artists can boast that they have had that.

Ofra started her career in 1969 and released her first album already in 1974.

She had a very active career until her death in 2000 aged just 42, she died of AIDS tragically.

But, fortunately, memories never die so we remember Ofra Haza today and her beautiful and uplifting song.