Russia: Nastia Godunova and the song ‘Naivnyye deti’

Recently ESC Covers reported about Nastia Godunova, a young and talented singer, actress, model and tv presenter from Russia. We would like to introduce you to the song Naivnyye deti (Naïve children). Naivnyye deti is a song by Evgeny Osin. It was the last song he composed before his sad death. The music video includes photos and videos […]

Azaliya releases cool cover of ‘Dance Monkey’ by Tones and I

Azaliya has released a fun and cool cover version of the worldwide hit, Dance Monkey, by Tones and I. Azaliya performed Dance Monkey as a contestant on the Russian tv show ‘Nu-ka, vse vmeste!’ (‘All Together Now!’). She enjoyed doing the song so much she recorded it and made a fun video. Azaliya recently released […]

Russia: Check out the MOTWINS and their beautiful clothing range

Maria & Olesya Andronova are beautiful twins from St Petersburg in Russia. They are successful models and have their own clothing brand MOTWINS. Maria and Olesya are also popular young journalists with the Teledetki tv channel from St Petersburg. They work at big music and entertainment events in Russia and abroad. Olesya was covering the […]

Watch Nastia Godunova perform the song ‘Tanya plyus Volodya’

Nastia Godunova is a young and talented singer, actress, model and tv presenter from Russia. ESC Covers has discovered her performing the song Tanya plyus Volodya (Tanya plus Volodya). This is a cover of an old Russian song by Yevgeniy Osin. Nastia performed the song at Vegas City Hall for the Music Box Russia tv channel. Nastia […]

‘Khimiya’ is the new single by Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan is back with a brand new song called Khimiya (Chemistry). It is a radio friendly and upbeat track with a strong production. Khimiya is available to stream or buy by digital stores such as Apple Music and Google Play. Dima has represented Russia twice at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 with Never Let […]

Philipp Kirkorov releases new song ‘Romany’

Legendary Russian singer and songwriter and entertainer, Philipp Kirkorov, has released a brand new song entitled Romany (Novels). It is an upbeat song with a pulsating beat. Philipp Kirkorov has been involved in Eurovision in many capacities over the years and he actually represented Russia at the 1995 contest in Dublin with Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana. You can […]

Watch: Aelin and her cover of ‘Dreamer’ (2014 Russia Junior Eurovision)

Aelin has covered the beautiful song Dreamer by Alisa Kozhikina. It was the song that Alisa represented Russia with at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Aelin has also been covering some other music including Crazy by Gnarls Barkley, Bound To You by Christina Aguilera and Writing’s On The Wall by Sam Smith. Check out […]

Check out Dasha Dream and her cover of ‘Uno’ by Little Big

Dasha Dream has made a cool cover of the Russian 2020 Eurovision song, Uno, by Little Big. Dasha has been making very interesting cover versions whilst in isolation. Check out Dasha’s YouTube channel at You can see Dasha Dream with her version on Uno below. Source: ESC Covers

Dina Garipova releases two new songs – ‘Ay, bylbylym’ and ‘Pyatyy element’

Dina Garipova has released two new songs. First we have Ay, bylbylym (Ay, was a white one!) is an epic and ethnic ballad from a movie, ‘Zuleykha opens her eyes’. It is taken from Dina’s forthcoming album, ‘ETNO’. Text and music is by Tatarskiye narodnyy with Radik Salimov and Dmitry Agafonov. The other new song is entitled Pyatyy […]

Check out ‘Da budut tantsy’ by Azaliya

Azaliya has released a new track entitled Da budut tantsy (Let there be dancing). It is an upbeat dance song with a strong vibe and beat. Azaliya has been successfully participating in ‘Nu-ka, vse vmeste!’ (the Russian version of the tv show ‘All Together Now!’). Sergey Lazarev is one of judges on the show and praised […]