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Sergey Lazarev releases two new songs ‘Ya ne mogu molchat’ and ‘NeOdinochki’

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Sergey Lazarev returns with two new songs. First up we have Ya ne mogu molchat (I cannot be silent). This is an upbeat dance song with a cool music video where all the action is at a wedding reception.

The second single released by Sergey is NeOdinochki (Not singles). This is another contemporary and radio friendly track that begins slowly and then builds in to an upbeat retro style production.

Sergey has also had success by winning the online ‘2020 World Song Contest’ for Russia with Ya ne boyus (I’m not afraid). There was 100 songs taking part in this competition.

Sergey has represented Russia twice at the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2016 he finished third with You Are The Only One and in 2019 he placed third again with Scream.

You can see Ya ne mogu molchat music video and NeOdinochki lyric video and his World Song Contest winning song, Ya ne boyus, below.

Source: ESC Covers


During the lock down in Europe over the Eurovision period in May, many Eurovision singers did home videos of other Eurovision artists songs. In the wake of ESC COVERS COVER2COVER singing competition, we will feature some of these so South African artists in particular can get an idea how it is done. Nor Bert of EuroVisionMusic picked the ones as he followed the whole series.

The nineth video is HELENA PAPARIZOU from GREECE  (who won the 2005 Eurovision song contest for her country with MY NUMBER ONE, teamed up with SERGEY LAZAREV of RUSSIA, covering his Eurovision entry from 2016 – YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE.


Sergey Lazarev releases new single and video for ‘Labirint’

Sergey Lazarev from the music video of 'Labirint'
Sergey Lazarev from the music video of ‘Labirint’

Sergey Lazarev is back with a brand new song entitled Labirint (Maze). It is a mid-tempo and radio friendly song with a strong beat and production.

Labirint is lifted from Sergey’s album ‘Eto ya’. It is composed by Alekseev Anatoly Gurman.

Sergey represented Russia at the 2016 and 2019 Eurovision Song Contests.

You can see official video clip for Labirint below.

Source: ESC Covers

Listen to Sergey Lazarev and ‘Posledniy Den’ Pompei’


Sergey Lazarev has recently released a new track entitled Posledniy Den’ Pompei (The last day of Pompeii). It is a power pop ballad with a prominent production.

Posledniy Den’ Pompei is available to purchase via most digital stores https://SonyMusicRussia.lnk.to/Pompei

Sergey represented Russia at the 2016 and 2019 Eurovision Song Contests.

You can hear Posledniy Den’ Pompei below.

Source: ESC Covers

Sergey Lazarev releases new single ‘Lovi’

Sergey Lazarev - 'Lovi'
Sergey Lazarev – ‘Lovi’

Sergey Lazarev has released a new single entitled Lovi. The track has an 80s feel and is a midtempo pop song.

Lovi is composed by Alekseev Anatoliy Anatolievich.

Sergey recently represented Russia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Scream and finished in third place. He also represented his country at the 2016 Eurovision and again finished in third place with You Are The Only One.

You can hear Lovi below.

Source: ESC Covers

Sergey Lazarev releases ‘Krik’ – Russian version of ‘Scream’

Sergey Lazarev {copyright: Russia-1}
Sergey Lazarev {copyright: Russia-1}

Sergey Lazarev recently represented Russia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with Scream and finished in the bronze position. He has now released the Russian version of the song entitled Krik.

Sergey performed Krik on Russia-1 tv channel.

Check out Krik below.

Source: ESC Covers; Russia-1


Russia and Albania Press Conferences

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Russia and Albania presented their second press conferences at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Sergey Lazarev said he was happy with rehearsal except for some issues with water. He was joined by Filip Kirkorov (one of  the composers). Sergey advised there will soon be a Russian version of Scream. He has the lyrics ready and will record when he returns to Russia.

Jonida Maliqi and her team from Albania were happy with the rehearsal today. Jonida also talked about the lyrics of her song which are about immigration and people around the world.

Source: ESC Covers


Ida Andia of Romania tried to alternate the songs – one who makes the Final, then one who remains in the semi-final. Today is the turn of Russia.

Sergey Lazarev is a great artist in Russia and well-known in several other countries. He has a lot of experience in the Eurovision Song Contest – he participated in 2016 with the song ”You’re the only one” – he finished in TOP 3, but it was my favourite. This time, Russia sends the song ”Scream”. Maybe it could be a SCREAM for victory; I listened the first time for just ten seconds and already love it. I think Russia could be in TOP region again. Sergey could prepare an amazing stage, like in Stockholm. He sings very well live and he could move on the stage. I think it will be something interesting.