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It is now 13 days to the 2024 Eurovision final in Malmo, Sweden. For  20 days running I will highlight one song from each of the last 20 years and I have started with 2004. Now with 13 days to go it this the 2011 Eurovision. Continue reading EUROVISION 2024 – MALMO COUNT DOWN TO THE FINAL – 13 days to go


Morten Thomassen from Norway decided to write about some of his memories of Eurovision and the Norwegian Eurovision selection. ESC Covers again will publish it after google translating it from Norwegian to English. Continue reading MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS – EUROVISION 2011


WORST AND BEST EUROVISION by Kyle Woods from the United States of America

As a disclaimer, since I’m participating in judging the competition, I will withdraw myself from eligibility for the prize, but it’s still fun to write a short note.

My best and worst Eurovision experiences…hmm…where to start.  I have been to six Eurovisions now, starting in Düsseldorf and continuing through Stockholm.

Let’s start with the worst experience to get it out of the way.  It was probably Copenhagen.  The whole show felt cheap and poorly run.  Having the show on a tiny island out of town accentuated transportation problems and really made me feel unwelcome in the city.  Plus the Danes were homicidal with their bicycles.  But let’s not dwell on the negative!

But I think my favorite experience from a travel perspective was, somewhat surprisingly, Malmo in 2013.  The city was so small that I was constantly running into people I knew.  Other cities like Vienna and Stockholm perhaps had more to offer in terms of things to see and do, but Malmo had its own charm and offered much more in terms of interactions with other fans.

I think my favorite thing I did in Malmo was a little river boat tour.  It was just a cruise through the canals, and nothing particularly special.  However, we happened to be there on the day they were doing a Balkan Music Party.  You may not know that I spent a good portion of my life living in the Balkans (primarily in Croatia) so that music and those languages feel like home to me.  I was also with a couple fans who live in Switzerland but are originally from Croatia, Serbia, and Kosovo.  So it was a Balkan group on this little Balkan music cruise, and we just had a blast.  We sang and danced and made utter fools of ourselves, rocking with Riva and longing for Dzuli.

It was a simple diversion, but it put a sort of stamp of approval on that whole Eurovision week, which was spent in many small memorable moments.





We are introducing CHRISTOPHER COBB of the USA

Eurovision for me starts in 2003. On holiday in Mykonos, celebrating
our tenth anniversary, my husband and I had the good fortune to catch
the show in a bar. Two close friends from the UK were vacationing with
us and explained the whole affair. I was hooked.

The next few years are a blur. We started with small parties at our
home in Tampa. Each year the parties got bigger. By 2010, it was too
much. We took a break in 2011 and went to England to celebrate with
our two friends from 2003. They fell asleep during the show.

Later that year my husband and I moved to Long Beach, California,
where we currently live. That’s like moving from Düsseldorf to Baku,
except in reverse. Fortunately, we still live under palm trees. We
haven’t resumed the parties but watch the semis and grand final over
the internet each year.

For years we have joked about wanting to go when the contest is in a
city of interest to us. Stockholm qualifies! We’re going in 2016 and
hope to join the hardcore fans on the floor for all six nights. We
have friends from Austria ready to show us the ropes. Now we just need
to prove ourselves worthy of the tickets.