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We are introducing James Hare.

My reason for joining OGAE is due to my partner Danny’s obsession with Eurovision. Every year over the last 17 years he has orchestrated many parties where we have celebrated Eurovision with friends.  He loves how cringe worthy some of the entries are and the comedy element. He will fanatically develop marking sheets and banners,the marking is the standard form, with the addition of scoring for special effects outfits, drums and good topless guys.

Next year is my partners 40 th birthday and I am aiming to take him as a surprise to Eurovision, if we manage to get tickets then he will be beside himself with excitement. His family will also be there to share the experience.

My favourite Eurovision song was Belgium’s entry in 2003 by Urban Tran who sang with no words.



We are introducing CHRISTOPHER COBB of the USA

Eurovision for me starts in 2003. On holiday in Mykonos, celebrating
our tenth anniversary, my husband and I had the good fortune to catch
the show in a bar. Two close friends from the UK were vacationing with
us and explained the whole affair. I was hooked.

The next few years are a blur. We started with small parties at our
home in Tampa. Each year the parties got bigger. By 2010, it was too
much. We took a break in 2011 and went to England to celebrate with
our two friends from 2003. They fell asleep during the show.

Later that year my husband and I moved to Long Beach, California,
where we currently live. That’s like moving from Düsseldorf to Baku,
except in reverse. Fortunately, we still live under palm trees. We
haven’t resumed the parties but watch the semis and grand final over
the internet each year.

For years we have joked about wanting to go when the contest is in a
city of interest to us. Stockholm qualifies! We’re going in 2016 and
hope to join the hardcore fans on the floor for all six nights. We
have friends from Austria ready to show us the ropes. Now we just need
to prove ourselves worthy of the tickets.


The process OGAE Rest of the world has used to let members earn points for certain tasks and therefore increase their position on the 2015 ticket list has been a huge success. We will therefore continue with it for 2016.

It is early days but we have identified the following possibilities for points (more can be added in the months to come)


A total of 20 points will be awarded to members who vote in AT LEAST one of these three contests.

Over 60 have voted in OGAE VIDEO CONTEST 2014 and the list of names appear in a post (there are a few missing but I will update that as soon as possible)

There are two more chances to earn 20 points,

OGAE SECOND CHANCE 2015 which will be in June-July

OGAE SONG CONTEST 2015 which will be in October

Members who voted in the video contest can also vote in the other 2 but they can only get points once, so this is especially a chance for those that were unable to vote in the video contest.


This is limited to one member per entry and if there are 39 or 40 countries, only so many can earn points. You can also just do a message to one country. Three entries have been chosen and two, Malta and Macedonia have been done by Hien and Harlani and they got their points – a full 30 points. Richard has picked Netherlands but he will of course only get the points once I have received the completed message.

At the moment these are the only two chances for points on a big scale. As I have said, more will be introduced.

I will also award points at say once a month to someone who did something special. This will vary according to the project. Two just projects have already been done and points awarded.

First to Gerry and Andy for designing the diploma/certificate for the artist in the Belarus selection that will go on to be our entry in the 2015 Second chance contest. They are getting 20 points each.

Second to Michele and Kent for writing an article on the ABBA MUSEUM in Stockholm with photo’s which we will put up soon on our website. They too get 20 points each.

So keep your eyes and ears open for random announcements to earn points this way.

Lastly, there will be NO points awarded for paying your 2016 membership when it opens in June 2015, but people who do not pay within the 3 month window period, will NOT be on the ticket list even if they by that time have accumulated points from other projects. The same applies to people sending in photo’s for  OGAE cards. It won’t give you points but again, if there is no card issued, you cannot be considered for a ticket package


The list will be updated over the next 4 days until all names appear.

The first 5 names on each of the 3 lists can count themselves as getting a ticket package unless sometime major went wrong.


01 – Francisco Javier Varela Sandoval

(He always knew he was number 1 on the list due to having been unable to attend Copenhagen)\

02 – Marcus Davey

(He has worked hard on getting all the esccovers articles posted)

03 – Belinda Conn

(She is in charge of admin at our official facebook and is the one that approves new members)

04 – Stuart McNaughton

(I think he will be surprised to learn he is one of the 10 to get a guaranteed ticket package but his Eurovision story had me in tears, it was so touching and I am glad I can be part of those that makes his Vienna 2015 dream come true)

05 – Niall Drennan

(His website article was for me a manifestation that there are people out there who are true fans and with a little time and effort can come up with something remarkable)

06 – Nicolas G Mancini-Suarez

(My maid saw the pictures of our members yesterday and I then decided to let her choice one person out of the new people to get a spot on this list and she picked Nicolas, so count yourself lucky)

07 – Nail Agadullin

08 – Evgeny Borzov

(Nail and Evgeny have been with us since 2009 and are Russian speaking and help us a lot with work as 50% of ESCKaz is in Russian. They also will report for us on things happening in Euroclub in Vienna)

09 – Sascha Stolp

10 – Edward Till

(Sascha and Edward are new to R O W, they are also members of OGAE UK but came over to us as they will work on ESCCovers in Vienna, Sascha as a reporter and Edward as a photographer. They are also on the UK list but not in the safe zone. If they however do get tickets from OGAE UK, these two spots will become available for new members on list C)


01 – Richard Thiele

02 – Andrew Pentecost

03 – Kohan Ikin

04 – Kate Hansen

05 – Michaela Sowden

(These 5 have all been in Copenhagen and they have through the months afterwards contributed a lot to the club and I had no problem giving them the first 5 spots)

06 – Olimkhan Barkirkhoav

07 – Vasila Ablakulova

08 – Len Whitney

09 – Kyle Woods

10 – Mark Churches

11 – Tim J Bulman

12 – David Thielen

13 – Andrew Scott

14 – Dean Cheley

15 – Nicholas Poteri

16 – Matt Friedrichs

17 – Adalberto Iglesias

18 – Mirko Hernandez Alfaro

19 – Joanna Seels

20 – Vincent Colagiuri

21 – Eric Nocito

22 – Anibal Villalba

23 – Rodrigo Romero Hidalgo

24 – Nicholas Sowden

25 – Alvin Poncin

26 – Dimitri Karagianides

27 – Alexei Zavalov

28 – Vladimir Aptovotsev

29 – Johnny Kollin

30 -Camilo Gomez

31 – Harry Whelan


01 – Matt Kelly

02 – Fraser McEachern

03 – Jason Scott-Watkins

04 – Andrew Bayley

05 – Dennis Flores

06 – Harlani Salim

07 – Hien Djie

08 – Greg Stone

09 – Chris Zeiher

10 – Calvin Philips

11 – Daniel Stoll

12 – Michael McCulloch

13 – Troy Bass

14 – Ronald Addamo

15 – Luc Spencer-Gardner

16 – Simon Alcaraz

17 – Pete Donovan

18 – Mario Galindo

19 – Ian Lambert

20 – Michael Della Maddalena

21 – Damien Bernath

22 – Jorge Salazar Capon

23 – Phil McNulty

24 – Luis Maldonado

25 – Andre Paschier

26 – Wayne Ralph

27 – Rachal Guttler

28 – Tony Peter

29 – Alan Wilson

30 – Sandy Allen-Wetzler

31 – Michele Acott

32 – Kent Acott

33 – Lazor Szabolos

34 – Koichiro Asami

35 – Andre Durham

36 – Eliska Vojtechovska

37 – Kyriaki Mavridis

38 – Steven Greenland

39 – Sarah Bonhomme-Craib

40 – Christopher Frawley

41 – Stefen Lodewyckx

42 – Andrew Fisher

43 – Philip Bewley

44 – Alexandra Sowden

45 – Eloise Sowden

46 – Kingsley Dawes

47 – Greg Mant

48 – Barbara Knoll

49 – Franz Knoll

50 – Lee Howard

51 – Anthony Pirovich

52 – Chad Ryan

53 – Valter Di Girolamo

54 – Scott Folley

55 – Luis Omar Chong Lopez

A little footnote to that of Ian and Michael (19th and 20th). They are also on the UK ticket list and actually very high on the UK list and should get tickets via UK. If so, they will be dropped on our list and everybody below them will move up two positions.

Another footnote is that there are 2-3 names on now that may not take packages but they are on the list as they did their tasks. If any name drop out, all below that name moves up a spot.

By now we have 41 people in this section compared to 25 in the B list, so more tickets will be allocated to this maybe even 60% instead of the original 30%. This is due to the fact that many of the members prior to Copenhagen either decided to stay home this year or did not achieve 30 points (especially not doing the website article). It was always clear that people getting higher points will get preference.


These are people who did not get 30 points (they got 15 and less as they did not do the website article). They will only be helped once everybody on lists A, B and C are helped and there are packages left.

01 – Andrew Parker

02 – Jeremy Levine

03 – Julie Osborne

04 – Antonio Casanez

05 – Robin Sanderson

06 – Edmund Kostewicz

07 – Winter Thielen

08 – Beaumont Wells

09 – Luke Brighty

10 – Michael Wing Lum

11 – Joseph Thom

12 – Michael Goddard

13 – Annette Molesworth

14 – Christopher Meechan-Ring

15 – Darren Meechan

16 – Riin Teoh

17 – Stephan Sykes

18 – Mark Bradbury

19 – Danilo Poggendorf

20 – Andreas Martz

21 – Robyn Odell

22 – Penny Odell

23 – Tarrant Falcke

24 – Jason Glynn

25 – Michael Teraki

26 – Mandy de Vries

27 – Karen Meiring

28 – Niel le Roux

All other people missing either

1 – informed me they do not want to me on the list as they are not going

2 – did not pay their membership as of today

3 – did not supply a photo for the OGAE card as of today

Now we can just sit and hope to get as many packages as possible and help as many as possible


There are now a total of 76 names, 2 more than we got tickets for Copenhagen. We have more members so in theory we should get more packages but the demand from other clubs are higher. For Copenhagen we got more than our membership would allow simply because several clubs did not take their full quota because they did not want to stand. This again may favour us as we are the club of people standing, we gave 12 seated tickets back in exchange for standing tickets for Copenhagen, the only club to do that.

The lists now contains 93 names, all these people obtained 30 points. Tomorrow I will do list D which are people who received less than 30 points(all missing the website article at least)