‘Khimiya’ is the new single by Dima Bilan

Dima Bilan is back with a brand new song called Khimiya (Chemistry). It is a radio friendly and upbeat track with a strong production. Khimiya is available to stream or buy by digital stores such as Apple Music and Google Play. Dima has represented Russia twice at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 with Never Let […]

Sirusho releases ‘Summer Love : Vuy Aman’ song and video clip

Sirusho has released a brand new single Summer Love : Vuy Aman. It is an upbeat summer anthem that is a little reminiscent of her Euro big hit favourite Qele Qele. The lyrics and music for Summer Love : Vuy Aman are by Sirusho herself. The track is available to buy or stream via most digital […]


Philipp Kirkorov from Russia covered the 2008 Eurovision entry from Sweden, HERO of Charlotte Perrelli in the Russian language. Philipp Kirkorov represented Russia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana. He is also a legendary songwriter and performer and Eurovision fan. You can see Kirkorov perform Hero below. Source: ESC Covers; Russia-1  

Alekseev with special guest Ani Lorak in concert in Minsk

Alekseev gave a concert in Minsk at the Palace of Republic. His special guest was Ani Lorak, who represented Ukraine at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Shady Lady. Alekseev and represented Belarus at the Eurovision in Lisbon earlier this year. In the concert he sang the Russian version of his entry Forever.

Olta Boka releases hot new summer single and video for ‘Pa Faj’

Olta Boka returns with a brand new single and music video for the song Pa Faj (Innocently). It is an upbeat dance/pop song that will want to make you feel good and want to dance at the beach or in the club or wherever you are. Pa Faj is composed by Irkenc Hyka and Petro […]

Olta Boka ft. Stiv Boka release new single ‘Atij/Asaj’

An exciting new release from Albania is Atij/Asaj (Him/Her) by Olta Boka ft. Stiv Boka. It is the first release together for sister and brother. The music for Atij/Asaj is by Irkenc Hyka with lyrics by Petro Xhori. The mixing and mastering is by Jojo. The video is courtesty of Foxes. The film director is […]

Ani Lorak returns with brand new song – ‘Ty yeshche lyubish’

Ani Lorak is back with a new song for the summer of 2017. She has released Ty yeshche lyubish’ (You still love). The song has a strong production with a mid tempo beat and is accompanied by an interesting video clip with lots of dancing with a black overtone. Ty yeshche lyubish’ has music and […]

Sergey Lazarev & Dima Bilan team up for ‘Prosti menya’ duet single

Two of the most popular Russian Eurovision stars, Sergey Lazarev & Dima Bilan have teamed up to release Prosti menya (Forgive me). It is a powerful pop/rock ballad that grows on you with each listen. Dima and Sergey premiered the song at a special concert show on Muz tv in Russia last week. Sergey represented Russia […]

Emin & Ani Lorak release powerful duet – ‘YA NE MOGU SKAZAT’

Emin & Ani Lorak have collaborated and released a power ballad together. The song is titled Ya ne mogu skazat’ and composed by Maksim Fadeyev and Ol’ga Seryabkina. Emin is a superstar from Azerbaijan and he performed at the interval in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku. Ani Lorak represented Ukraine at the 2008 Eurovision […]

Dima Bilan releases new single – ‘V tvoyey golove’

Dima Bilan has released a brand new single and video clip. The song is entitled V tvoyey golove (In your head). The song is a change of direction for Dima. It is an upbeat dance song with a pulsating beat and production. The director of the video is Leonid Kolosovskiy. Dima won the 2008 Eurovision […]