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Dino Merlin & Senidah release ‘Dođi’ collaboration

Dino Merlin & Senidah have released a new single entitled Dođi (Come). It is an ethnic style ballad pop track.

Dođi is composed by Dino Merlin and arranged by Adis Sirbubalo.

Dino (with Béatrice) performed Putnici representing Bosnia-Herzegovina at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest. Dino returned to Eurovision by himself in 2011 performing Love In Rewind.

Senidah is a singer/songwriter from Slovenia. She was a member of the band MUFF, who took part in the EMA national selection in Slovenia in 2014. She is popular in the Balkan countries with several hit songs and music videos.

You can see the official music video for Dođi below. The song is available to stream or purchase from digital stores such as Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

Source: ESC Covers

‘Mi’ is the new song by Dino Merlin


Dino Merlin has released a new song called Mi (We). It is a different style to what we would normally associate Dino with. It is upbeat with a strong beat.

Mi is composed by  Dino Merlin and Mahir Beathouse. The track is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores.

Dino (with Béatrice) performed Putnici representing Bosnia-Herzegovina at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest. Dino returned to Eurovision by himself in 2011 performing Love In Rewind.

You can see the official music video for Mi below.

Source: ESC Covers

Sweden: Charlotte Perrelli confirmed for 2017 Melodifestivalen – according to Aftonbladet newspaper

Charlotte Perrelli {copyright: hqwall.net}
Charlotte Perrelli {copyright: hqwall.net}

The winner of the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden, Charlotte Perrelli (or Charlotte Nilsson as she was known then with Take Me To Your Heaven) will take part in the 2017 Melodifestivalen in Sweden according to the Aftonbladet newspaper in Sweden. Charlotte also participated in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Hero.

18 names were mentioned so far in the Aftonbladet newspaper (although this has be 100% confirmed by SVT). They are –

1. Les Gordons
2. The Fooo Conspiracy
3. Lisa Ajax with Ola Svensson
4. Elisa Lindström
5. Alice Svensson
6. Robin Bengtsson with a song by Robin Stjernberg
7. Ace Wilder
8. Boris René
9. Wiktoria Johansson
10. Mariette Hansson
11. Axel Schylström
12. John Lundvik
13. De vet du
14. Jon Henrik Fjällgren
15. Nano Omar
16. Etzia
17. Anton Hagman
18. Charlotte Perrelli

We will give you official confirmation of all the lucky competitors next week.

You can see Charlotte with her winning song from 1999, Take Me To Your Heaven, below.

Source: Aftonbladet