Olta Boka releases new song and video – ‘Rri edhe pak’

Olta Boka has returned with a brand new single and video for the summer of 2016 entitled Rri edhe pak (Stay a bit more). Olta is seen riding a motorbike through the country and then racing against a guy in a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Rri edhe pak has a very strong production a suits Olta’s […]

Jelena Tomašević releases new single – ‘Zivot u koferima’

Jelena Tomašević returns with her brand new single titled Zivot u koferima (Life in suitcases). The song is composed by Aleksandra Milutinović and is produced and arranged by Darko Dimitrov. The song has an upbeat vibe and is on the summer playlists of many radio stations and video channels in Serbia and the Balkan areas. Jelena […]