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John Jago  is a Eurovision fan from the United States of America. He is the second last person to tell us of his Discotheque memory. We are doing this because the group THE ROOP from Lithuania picked a song called Discotheque for the 2021 Eurovision song contest. We allowed people to also pick a non Eurovision song, if such a song brings back special memories.



Written by Tamas Vamos of Hungary 
After 6 weeks and 3 round of voting, we have a winner! Now we can name a song as our all-time favourite in 2015. (The competition started in 2015.)
In the Nominations round, where we were looking for our TOP60, finally we had a drama after the last votes arrived! 5 nominations were enough for qualification, as our club’s members have so different taste of music. But there were 49 songs with 6 or more votes and 12 with 5. So it was a tie and one song was drawn to be eliminated: Unsubstantial blues (Hungary, 2007) was the unlucky entry. Two Swedish songs, Euphoria and Waterloo got the most votes, 26 for each.
In the second round, the 60 songs were in 6 group of ten.
In Group A, Grande Amore got the most (19) votes; Making Your Mind Up and Take Me to Your Heaven both were second with 15. The tie-breaking was based on the more nominations in the first round, so 1981’s winning song went to the Final. Sévérine’s song finished at the bottom with 3 votes, the 9th place belongs to New Tomorrow as they got 5.
Group B: Euphoria had 28 votes, while the second place song is Satellite with 14. The unlucky third was Gravity with 10 votes. La det swinge and Stronger Every Minute finished last with 5 votes for each.
Group C: Monster Like Me won this group with 16 votes, followed by Only Teardrops with 13. Hold Me Now and Calm After the Storm finished as third with 12-12 points. Cliff Richard’s Congratulations finished surprisingly last with only 4 votes, following 1979’s Hallelujah who got 7.
Group D: Rhythm Inside had the second best score in this round, winning its group with 20 votes. Diva became second with 15. The third was Shady Lady with 12. Lane moje and I Feed You My Love both finished last with 4 votes.
Group E: The winner of this group is Waterloo with 19 votes, the second is Rise Like a Phoenix (14). Quédate conmigo and Goodbye to Yesterday both got 12 votes so they became third. The oldest song in this whole round, Nel blu dipinto di blu became last with 4 votes. The second last were Love Shine a Light, This Is My Life and Alexander Rybak’s Fairytale – all of them got 7 votes. Fairytale got more nominations in the first round, but the rest two had the same amount. As there are more songs from the UK, the Icelandic one is ranked higher.
Group F: Undo won this group with 17 votes, followed by Gina G with 15. (Her song missed to win the group as finished behind Sanna, but not so much – just a little bit…) The third place is the best Hungarian entry in our competition: Kati Wolf got 13 votes. The last two are Euro-Vision with 3 votes and Molitva (who one the similar competition in Hungary) with 4.
In the FINAL:
There’s only one song who did not get any nil points: Rise Like a Phoenix!
The most zeros went to Ooh… Aah… Just a Little Bit.
All the songs in the TOP12 got at least one douze points from someone.If you want to feel some excitement, watch the video but not this table below which contains the amount of the points the songs got from the 53 voters.



Hello again Rest of the World!

Thank you so much for all your diligence, hard work and sacrifice in getting through round two of our search for the favourite Eurovision song for our brilliant fan club. The results have been tallied.  The top twelve songs have been selected… by YOU!
Now… We ask for you to provide a typical Eurovision scorecard to the twelve songs… That is allocate 12, 10 and then 8-1 points in order of your most favourite (12 points), down.  This means two songs will indeed receive nil points from each voter.  C’est la vie!
The finalists are as follows:
ABBA – Waterloo
Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up
Gina G – Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit
Dana International – Diva
Lena – Satellite
Loreen – Euphoria
Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
Conchita Wurst – Rise Like A Phoenix
Sanna Nielsen – Undo
Il Volo – Grande Amore
Loic Nottet – Rhythm Inside
Morland & Debrah Scarlett – A Monster Like Me
The timeframe to get these votes through – until midnight 10 January CET.
As previously, please send your votes to escvotes@gmail.com .
Should you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to comment below… If anyone wishes to complain, please send an email directly to our customer service division transvision.vamp@bidc.com (this is not monitored).
Have fun!!!
Rest of the World…. Start voting….


Fred Medeiros, OGAE R OW member and our accredited journalist to the 2015 edition of Melodifestival recalls his first in 2008.


After visiting the last seven Melodifestivalen finals myself, I wonder what actually is it that keeps fans coming back for more. Is it the Schlager pop, is it the top quality productions or is it simply the hypnotising sparkle of the disco ball? Melodifestivalen is Sweden’s most watched television programme and the most watched national final by international fans. I originally visited my first Stockholm final in 2008 as I chose not to go to Belgrade that year. So as I prepare for my eighth final, I’m looking back over past 7 years to see if Sweden’s national selection is Ira Losco’s “Seventh Wonder”?

Not unlike other years, previous participates are often the hot topics of all the press.  When previous winners participate for another chance of represented Sweden they are normally favourites to win.  In 2008, Charlotte Perrelli (Nilsson), who actually won the 1999 ESC in Jerusalem entered again with the “almost textbook” Schlager/power disco dance number “Hero.” Not unsurprisingly, “Hero” was a clear favourite before a single note had even been heard. Penned by Fredrik Kempe, the new Thomas G:Son, and Bobby Ljunggren, who had already written 3 Melodifestivalen winners, “Hero” was dripping with potential and yearning to be heard by every European Schlager fan.

After 4 long weeks and 32 songs, “Hero” was no disappointment.  It shone with every bit of glitzy sparkle and Schlager-tinged note.  It had everything you’d expect from a Swedish euro-pop hit with an over-the-top diva, shimmering sequins, wind machines and a dramatic earth-shattering crescendo. Saying all that “Hero” wasn’t a runaway winner. The 2008 final was full of classic euro-pop anthems.  BWO had entered with their best entry “Lay Your Love on Me” which actually could have won if the competition that year hadn’t been so stiff.  Their euro club style was already doing well charting all over Europe including in the UK, arguably the toughest European market to crack. Linda Bengtzing entered with her third attempt, also her best entry, with “Hur svårt kan det va?” (How hard can it be?) Linda’s energetic dramatic beat driven song really was excellent but was overshadowed by being in the same semi-final as “Hero.” Sibel’s ballad “That is Where I’ll Go” and Amy Diamond’s bubblegum pop “Thank You” were both popular as well and very well written songs in their own right.  There were also several novelty songs the best being Christer Sjögren’s “I Love Europe.” Classic Eurovision formula that could of actually had done well across the continent for the ESC.

Saying all that “Hero” had only one clear rival, Sanna Nielsen and her emotional ballad “Empty Room.” Like “Hero”, “Empty Room” was co-written by Bobby Ljunggren and was Sanna Nielsen’s first entry in English, a winning formula?

Sanna Nielsen had entered several times before but this was clearly her best entry yet.  Although, I still have a weakness for “Vågar Du, Vågar Jag” (If You Dare, I Dare Too) her 2007 euro pop anthem. So with her fifth attempt Sanna had her voice, a touching emotional performance and the right song to walk away with the trophy but Charlotte Perrelli was standing in her way. In the end of a very dramatic final Nielsen actually won the public vote over Perrelli but the jury had backed Perrelli. So Perrelli had won her place to represent Sweden at Eurovision.

In the run up to Eurovision in Belgrade, Sweden were favourite with the bookies and they were clearly favourites to win but oddly Sweden wouldn’t of actually qualified for the final, placing 12th in the second semi-final but during 2008 there was a jury override vote.  If the top ten songs chosen by the public didn’t match the juries top ten the highest scoring non advancer at that point would become the tenth place entry.  So “Hero” knocked out the Macedonian entry “Let Me Love You.” Sweden finished in a very poor 18th place in the final.  Ironically Nielsen’s “Empty Room” went on to win the OGAE second chance contest.

Overall 2008 was an amazing introduction to the live event. The sheer excitement and drama of the selection had me wanting more but I believe the superb quality of music keeps me hooked.