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Loreen is back with ‘Jag är en vampyr’

Loreen recently returned with her new song called Jag är en vampyr (I am a vampire). It is an upbeat pop song and it is interesting to hear Loreen singing in Swedish.

Jag är en vampyr is from the EP by Loreen called ‘Så mycket bättre’ and is available to purchase or stream via digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and many more.

Loreen won the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden with Euphoria.

You can hear Jag är en vampyr below.

Source: ESC Covers


During the lock down in Europe over the Eurovision period in May, many Eurovision singers did home videos of other Eurovision artists songs. In the wake of ESC COVERS COVER2COVER singing competition, we will feature some of these so South African artists in particular can get an idea how it is done. Nor Bert of EuroVisionMusic picked the ones as he followed the whole series.

The fifth video is UKU SUVISTE from ESTONIA ( who would have taken part in Eurovision 2020 had it not been cancelled with WHAT LOVE IS), covering the Eurovision winner from SWEDEN 2012 – EUPHORIA of LOREEN.




ESC Covers got the following press release from Helene in Stockholm.

Almost two years have passed since we heard something new with Loreen, but now it’s time. During these two years she has worked with some of the music industry’s leading producers in studios around the world.

The single ” Walk With Me ” is the starting shot – more music is coming in 2020.

“When I was asked to do an interpretation of the song ” Walk With Me “to Ello’s” Made by Women ” campaign , I used it as an opportunity to speak to the larger mass. It is a brand that is aimed at everyone and exclude no one. All women have the right to their own identity and to express themselves through their clothing style and creativity. In addition, the song is written by a woman, Julia Jonas. ”

To manifest her own expression is something that is significant to Loreen and she has worked intensively on this since the last release, both musically and visually.

“… Through the creative attempt to prevent segregation, prejudice, racism and fear is n on something that permeates my creativity and is a constantly recurring theme in my music and visual effects. I always want to reflect and strengthen the individual in himself s that it is easier to act out of empathy and love rather than the other way around, “Loreen explains.

“Walk with me” is produced by Loreen together with Samuel Starck and is released October 4th.

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