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ESC Covers have been informed that Austrian TV will broadcast THREE shows next week
Tuesday 14 April 2020
Thursday 16 April 2020
Saturday 18 April 2020

All three shows will start 20h15 CET and will be hosted by ANDI KNOLL.

There will be a jury of 10 people – all of them singers who have represented Austria at Eurovision.

01 – WATERLOO who with Robinson performed in 1976 the song MY LITTLE WORLD

02 – SIMONE who performed in 1990 the song KEINE MAUERN MEHR (No more walls)

03 – PETRA FREY who performed in 1994 the song FUR DEN FRIEDEN DER WELT (For the peace of the world)

04 – MANUEL ORTEGA who performed in 2002 the song SAY A WORD

05 – ALF POIER who performed in 2003 the song WEIL DER MENSCH ZAHLT (Because people count)

06 – ERIC PAPILAYA who performed in 2007 the song GET A LIVFE – GET ALIVE

07 – NADINE BEILER who performed in 2011 the song THE SECRET IS LOVE

08 – CONCHITA who performed in 2014 the song RISE LIKE A PHOENIX

09 – ZOE who performed in 2016 the song LOIN DÍCI

10 – CESAR SAMPSON who performed in 2018 the song NOBODY BUT YOU