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STAR OF THE WEEK – ROKO BLAZEVIC – Song 3 Rise like a phoenix

STAR OF THE WEEK is a project by INFE South Africa and INFE Ireland, in which throughout the week the attention is focused on 1 singer, duo or group.

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Here is the EUROVISION TOP 100 made in response to the top 10’s sent by 103 members of Eurovision Cafe, MUSIC, eurovision and beyond, Compare and INFE Australia and some Eurovision stars!

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Senhit and her cover of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’

Senhit from the video clip of 'Rise Like A Phoenix'
Senhit from the video clip of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’

Senhit has recorded Rise Like A Phoenix in her latest project on the way to Eurovision 2021. She has recorded an inventive and unique and slightly bizarre music video with a tribute to Freddie Mercury of Queen.

Rise Like A Phoenix was of course the winning Eurovision song for Austria in 2015 by Conchita Wurst.

Senhit was chosen to represent San Marino at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest with Freaky! until the show was cancelled due to the world health pandemic. She also represented them in 2011 with Stand By. However, she will get the chance again to represent San Marino at the 2021 Eurovision.

You can see the video clip of Rise Like A Phoenix below.

Source: ESC Covers


Artist thoughts from Vienna Eurettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Greetings everyfriend! I’m Vienna and i love being in nature with everything and everyfriend in the Song Contest. You guys have esc-perienced my country win twice and the friends who have their victories is a natural thing in Eurovision! Hope someday the forces of nature can bring everyfriend in town a victory that matches their element!

It was supposed that Nathan was going to release his song in a couple of days, but what I always say “Early bird catches the gummy worm” (Alas, I don’t want to be the last Friend in Eurovision Land whose country releases song on deadline date), it was released online today. He’s an up-and-going artist who was selected internally selected (just like Conchita who gave Austria’s 2nd esc victory). He has a very talented family… very natural in my opinion. Good thing he writes, composes and self-produces his own music! A gift of nature indeed!”- By Vienna Eurettefriend

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0PWO5c3RbM&
Spotify Link (Availble at midnight on your local time): https://play.spotify.com/track/1WpQu8U3quBeGnhpZn0r7N
Austria Page at ESCKAZ: http://www.esckaz.com/2017/aut.htm



Now we are with the last of the three IN FUSION girls, Miriam and her answers to the questions from ESC Covers and Eurovision South Africa.
1 – NORWAY – since you are Norwegian, what is your best highlight from a Norwegian entry. You could say any artist and this or that song and the reason why
My Norwegian highlight will have to be the semi-finals of Melodi Grand Prix 2011, when the metalband Keep of Kalessin and Alexander Rybak got together and performed “The Divine Land” during the break. I was blown away by the mix of genres and how good they sounded together! I really wish they would get together and do more exciting stuff together! I would definitely buy that record.
2 – SWEDEN – since your composers are Swedish, what is your best highlight from a Swedish entry – the same as with Norway
Sweden have had so many great  entries! BUT my favorite is kind of a guilty pleasure. Im almost embarrassed to say, being a rockchick and all, but I used to dance and sing to this one as a child. I was`t even born when this aired (1984), but Herreys – Diggi-loo diggi-ley was stuck on my mind for a while. So I have to say, it is one of my favorites because I`ve heard it for so long! 
Other then that Loreens – Euphoria is my all time favorite Swedish hit song of this era! 
3 – EUROVISION – now the same question of a Eurovision entry from any country but Sweden or Norway
How can I possibly chose one!? There are so many amazing memories. 
I simply fell in love with last years entry from Belgium, Laura Tesoro with “What`s The Pressure”! Such a catchy song, and Laura was just super-cute with her cool choreography !
But I have to chose Conchita – Rise Like a Phoenix(2014) as the most memorable moment in ESC-history for me! Hands down!
Miriam, thank you for your answers, I too love DIGGI LOO DIGGI LEY and last year when Eurovision was in Stockholm, I took an Afrikaans cover of the song for Richard Herrey who is the CEO of Hard rock cafe there. And Danne was with us at the event, so ask him about it.
1- in fusion (miriam)