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Hello again Rest of the World!

Thank you so much for all your diligence, hard work and sacrifice in getting through round two of our search for the favourite Eurovision song for our brilliant fan club. The results have been tallied.  The top twelve songs have been selected… by YOU!
Now… We ask for you to provide a typical Eurovision scorecard to the twelve songs… That is allocate 12, 10 and then 8-1 points in order of your most favourite (12 points), down.  This means two songs will indeed receive nil points from each voter.  C’est la vie!
The finalists are as follows:
ABBA – Waterloo
Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up
Gina G – Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit
Dana International – Diva
Lena – Satellite
Loreen – Euphoria
Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
Conchita Wurst – Rise Like A Phoenix
Sanna Nielsen – Undo
Il Volo – Grande Amore
Loic Nottet – Rhythm Inside
Morland & Debrah Scarlett – A Monster Like Me
The timeframe to get these votes through – until midnight 10 January CET.
As previously, please send your votes to escvotes@gmail.com .
Should you wish to discuss this further, please feel free to comment below… If anyone wishes to complain, please send an email directly to our customer service division transvision.vamp@bidc.com (this is not monitored).
Have fun!!!
Rest of the World…. Start voting….

Cheryl, Mike & Jay formerly of Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVey

Cheryl, Jay, Mike formerly Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVey {copyright: embassytheatre.co.uk}
Cheryl, Jay, Mike formerly Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVey {copyright: embassytheatre.co.uk}

1981 was the year Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest with Making Your Mind Up for the United Kingdom. They went on to have two further number one hits in the UK – Land Of Make Believe and My Camera Never Lies as well as many more hits locally and internationally.

Three of the orginal members Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan are together now and touring with Bobby McVey (former member of Sweet Dreams ESC UK 1983 – I’m Never Giving Up). However, they cannot use the name ‘Bucks Fizz’. That is now owned by former member Bobby G‘s wife Heidi Manton. There has a been a continuous legal battle over the name for many years. Bobby G and Heidi tour as their own Bucks Fizz band.

It is probably due to the legal problems that the either of the bands have not been invited to the Eurovision Song Contest 60th birthday celebrations.

Cheryl, Jay, Mike and Bobby McVey now tour as Cheryl, Mike & Jay formerly of Bucks Fizz with Bobby McVey. The band are working on a single for summer release.

Source: mirror.co.uk