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Yesterday Cole and I ran into Chris Harper, a South African pianist at the Cresta shopping centre. He was sitting behind his piano in the mall playing amongst others several ABBA songs. Chris has already released at least 4 CD’s with his music and on each of the 4 CD’s you will find an ABBA song. From memory, I recall the following ABBA songs spread over the 4 CD’s
– Mamma mia
– Chiquitita
– Fernando
– I have a dream
– Money money money
– Dancing queen
– Supertrouper
– Hasta manana
– Andante andante
– The name of the game
I suggested to Chris to try and consolidate his Abba covers onto one compilation CD so that ABBA fans, who are into piano music, could get hold of such a CD.
ESC Covers is having a competition where you can win a DVD of Chris which do feature some of the Abba covers by entering our competition. Write to roy@esccovers.com and all you have to do is suggest what EUROVISION song (other than ABBA) he should consider covering on a forthcoming CD. You have about 2-3 weeks to enter seeing that it is now the holiday season.


I just got a 3 CD set compilation from Finland. It seems to be a series called MUISTOJEN 70 LUKU featuring 20 Finnish songs per CD, so a total of 60 in such a set. I got the set dedicated to the year 1977 so it is 60 songs that were popular in Finland in that year. It is more or less split 50-50 between original songs and covers. Most interesting of course is the covers of Eurovision songs. This set contains the following

FRANCE – L’oiseau et l’enfant

In Finnish it is sung by Katri Helena (who herself took part for Finland at Eurovision twice). She called her cover LINTU JA LAPSI

MONACO – Une petite francaise

In Finnish it is sung by Merja Rantamaki and it is called OON TYTTO MAALTA

SPAIN – Ensename a cantar

In Finnish it is sung by Arto Sotavalta and it is called SAI LAULU AIKAAN SEN

SWITZERLAND – Swiss lady

In Finnish it is sung by Kari Tapio and it is called AIKUINEN NAINEN

Of course also there is the 1977 Finnish entry LAPPONIA sung by Monica Aspelund

For ABBA fans there are also several covers


In Finnish this is RAHAA RAHAA RAHAA and sung by Vicky Rosti who also took part in Eurovision one year


In Finnish this is PRINSESSA and sung by Marion



This is from Andreas Vienna in Austria.

Well the anticipation for my LARA FABIAN concert – which I booked already back in November 2015 – for June 3rd, 2016 was badly damaged with all the bad news about terror from Paris, then riots, then strikes, etc. Just 2 days before the concert the air controllers announces a strike over the weekend so I cancelled my hotel. Only the next day at 8:30 I heard that this was postponed and so I booked a hotel again and flew early morning to Paris.

At that moment I did not even realised about the floods of the Seine, the main river that runs throw the city of PARIS.

Luckily I arrived safe, luckily I was able to get to the city with the airport-bus and luckily no strike at the metro.

So I was able to enjoy the LARA FABIAN concert in full at the sold out venue Palais des Congress. She sang nearly the complete track list from her new album MA VIE DANS LA TIENNE and also some of her greatest hits from the last 20 years like JE T’AIME, I WILL LOVE AGAIN, IMMORTELLE and J’Y CROIS ENCORE. The big surprise of the event was a medley of songs from the Swedish supergroup ABBA including Dancing Queen, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! a man after midnight and The Winner Takes It All.

The next day I had a long walk from Notre Dame till the Eiffel tower along the Seine to see the damage the flood has caused. Several bridges were half way hidden by water and some even closed. That led me again to ABBA, one of their songs is called OUR LAST SUMMER with lines like “walk along the Seine, round the Notre Dame … we sat down in the grass by the Eiffel Tower”. Very funny 🙂



We have another competition, but this unfortunately is only for R O W members who will be at the ABBA museum on Wednesday 11 May.

Two South African singers (and R O W members) have done ABBA medleys and these songs are now available on one CD. There are just 5 copies, one will be given to the museum and 4 others to R O W members who are at the museum that day. It will be a lucky draw so everybody who will be there – your name will be put into a hat and the first 4 names drawn, will get these medley singles. The songs on the medleys are


01 – Ring ring

02 – S O S

03 – Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight

04 – Waterloo

05 – Thank you for the music


01 – Take a chance on me

02 – Dancing queen

03 – Mamma mia

04 – Thank you for the music