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Since a lot of Malta songs have been covered in South Africa, I have decided to make a second compilation.

Here is the track listing

01 – Believe ‘n peace – Times three covered in Afrikaans as EK GLO by Paola Donadio

02 – Desire – Claudette Pace covered in Afrikaans as VERLANGE by Riana van Wyk

03 – Tomorrow – Gianluca covered in Afrikaans as SY’S SOOS MORE by Jay Schoeman

04 – Let me fly – Debbie Scerri covered in Afrikaans as MY KITAAR by George Meiring

05 – The angels are tired – Manuel covered in Afrikaans as SEWE DUISEND ENGELE by George Meiring

06 – He – Eleonor Cassar covered in Afrikaans as FREEVERHAAL by George Meiring

07 – Vertigo – Olivia Lewis covered in Afrikaans as DUISELIG by Leandie Lombaard

08 – Love is the reason – Charlene & Natasha in Afrikaans as IS DIT NOU DIE LIEFDE by Moniqe Foxx

09 – Don’t stop the party – Ali & Lis in Afrikaans as ONS VOEL DIE RITME by Moniqe Foxx


We have another competition, but this unfortunately is only for R O W members who will be at the ABBA museum on Wednesday 11 May.

Two South African singers (and R O W members) have done ABBA medleys and these songs are now available on one CD. There are just 5 copies, one will be given to the museum and 4 others to R O W members who are at the museum that day. It will be a lucky draw so everybody who will be there – your name will be put into a hat and the first 4 names drawn, will get these medley singles. The songs on the medleys are


01 – Ring ring

02 – S O S

03 – Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight

04 – Waterloo

05 – Thank you for the music


01 – Take a chance on me

02 – Dancing queen

03 – Mamma mia

04 – Thank you for the music