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We will offer to readers of this website the chance to take part in various competitions and to win items from KYIV 2017 like the official program book, the press bag and various promo CD’s (which of course we do not know as it depends on which countries have promo CD’s available).

There will be at least 6 competitions. Each one will be introduced separately over the next few days. Website readers will be informed exactly what to do with each one as obviously they are of different in nature. Some of the competitions will last for a week or so as they have no right or wrong answers and a panel will judge the best answer. Others will continue until Eurovision as they depend on what happens in Kyiv and these will have a correct answer to win.

Of course we would like as many fans to take part in the competitions but even if just one person takes part in a competition, it is fine.



Switzerland each year opens the field so wide that every Tom, Dick and Harry can upload a video on the internet and be in the running. Yet their results over the years while they have been using this method were not good enough when you potentially can get songs from every corner of the world. What are they doing wrong? Swiss TV has asked you to give them some advice and share ideas how to ensure that they end up with a top 5 placing in Stockholm.
For me the problem is that although potentially artists from all over the world can enter, when the finalists are picked, 90% of them are Swiss artists. They must look back at 1988 when they had Celine Dion from Canada and won. So it really is stupid to have artists entering from many countries but that should also reflect then the finalists that come to TV.



Next up is a task for the fashion experts. Netherlands has picked DOUWE BOB as their artist for Stockholm. He appeared on TV with his underpants and a coat and says this is what he would like to wear in Stockholm.

Now we know the Netherlands has had some flops in the clothing department. My best recollection is 1984 when Maribelle sang IK HOU VAN JOUW but all I remember was the dress with the huge bow and the song escaped me totally. Many said Joan Franka also picked the wrong outfit and who will forget Vienna with Trinjntje Oosterhuis and the dress in the first rehearsals – looking like a piece of the puzzle was missing.

You must now advice the Dutch delegation as to what would be the best for Douw to wear.


You have to pretend to be the head of delegation of Moldova. You have seen the success felloe CIS country GEORGIA had with songs composed by Swedish composer Thomas Gson (Waterfall and Warior) and so your idea is to contact Thomas and ask him to compose a song for Moldova for 2016, seeing that Eurovision is in Stockholm. So you have to tell us what guidelines you are giving Thomas in terms of a song.
My first guideline to him will be, also a song with a one word title, easy to remember (afterall he composed Euphoria). Maybe something called TORPEDO would be quite a dramatic title.


The United Kingdom has realized they are selecting the correct entries for Eurovision and have asked fans now to come with suggestions. One of the ideas is to again to look at an OLDIE like Engelbert Humperdick and Bonnie Tyler to make a come back to their careers.
Now you as fan have to tell them if there are OLDIES they could look at and who they never even should consider. List between 3 and 5 such artists.
I will have a look at one male singer, one female singer and one group.
TONY CHRISTIE had a great run of success in the 70’s and he has a good voice and if he gets a chance with a song similar to I DID WHAT I DID FOR MARIA, I think he could be considered.
SUZI QUATRO had some great hits in the 70’s composed by NICKY CHINN and MIKE CHAPMAN like SHE’S IN LOVE WITH YOU so that is someone I would look at given the correct song, she is a MAYBE.
BAY CITY ROLLERS – they caused phandemonoum around the world in their distinctive outfits but could they do it in Eurovision? I do not think so, so they are a definite NO NO.


Finally we reached the end of the ABBA songs.

Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing

Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing

Well, we had to end the whole ABBA saga off with this song, it is such a classic. Thank you ABBA for all the music and the songs we are constantly singing.

The question is name 3 Eurovision songs you constantly feel like singing

For me it is Cliff Richard and Congratulations every time I see someone is having a birthday. Then Mouth and Macneal with I see a star, and often it is the Afrikaans lyrics of it. Lastly Nicole’s Ein bisschien frieden, after all I have many versions of it (53 in total) and in 21 different languages.



Mem;ries, good days, bad days, they’ll be with me always

And EUROVISION is known for memories – good ones and bad ones. So share with our members some of those from your Eurovision days. I can write a book on it because I have been extremely lucky to have been able to attend it every year since 1993, some were such highlights, TALLINN, RIGA, BELGRADE, others quite awful – especially BIRMINGHAM and GUILDO HORN.