I just got a 3 CD set compilation from Finland. It seems to be a series called MUISTOJEN 70 LUKU featuring 20 Finnish songs per CD, so a total of 60 in such a set. I got the set dedicated to the year 1977 so it is 60 songs that were popular in Finland in that year. It is more or less split 50-50 between original songs and covers. Most interesting of course is the covers of Eurovision songs. This set contains the following

FRANCE – L’oiseau et l’enfant

In Finnish it is sung by Katri Helena (who herself took part for Finland at Eurovision twice). She called her cover LINTU JA LAPSI

MONACO – Une petite francaise

In Finnish it is sung by Merja Rantamaki and it is called OON TYTTO MAALTA

SPAIN – Ensename a cantar

In Finnish it is sung by Arto Sotavalta and it is called SAI LAULU AIKAAN SEN

SWITZERLAND – Swiss lady

In Finnish it is sung by Kari Tapio and it is called AIKUINEN NAINEN

Of course also there is the 1977 Finnish entry LAPPONIA sung by Monica Aspelund

For ABBA fans there are also several covers


In Finnish this is RAHAA RAHAA RAHAA and sung by Vicky Rosti who also took part in Eurovision one year


In Finnish this is PRINSESSA and sung by Marion


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