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Interview: Nina from In Fusion (2017 MGP finalists in Norway)

Nina - In Fusion
Nina – In Fusion

In Fusion will sing Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over in the 2017 Melodi Grand Prix final in Norway on 11 March.

In the second of a series of short interviews with all the girls we speak to Nina

Hello Nina. 

1.  Have you participated in any music festivals or TV competitions in Norway or abroad? If so, can you tell us about them?

I performed at Oslo Pride festival in 2016. I absolutely loooove being a part of the celebration! Hopefully I can perform again this year it’s my fav crowd !!

2. If you could cover any song what would it be?

I would cover Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’. Or Jessie J’s ‘Mama Knows Best’ ooor ‘Bang Bang’. Mainly cause I like the challenge!! haha

3.  Which artist (alive or dead) would be a dream duet for you?

Missy Elliott!! I’d love to do a collab with her and make a sick tune with a badass beat. After that I  could die happily. 

Thank you, Nina! Good luck in the MGP final!



Nina is the second member of In Fusion to answer the questions from ESC Covers
1. Since you are from NORWAY – what is your best highlight from Norway’s entries at Eurovision
I absolutely love ‘’Secret Garden’’ from 1995. Me and my best friend sometimes lie down with our eyes closed and just listen to it. It’s one of the most magical songs I’ve ever heard.
I also wanna mention that I thought Alexander Rybaks ‘Fairytale’ in 2009 was awesome. Especially because a good friend of mine played violin on stage and I was so proud!2. Since your composers are from SWEDEN – what is your best highlight from Sweden’s entries at Eurovision

From Sweden I love Euphoria by Loreen from 2012. Such a majestic song. I get goosebumps just thinking about her performance. She was barefoot and completely alone on stage, but somehow she filled every corner with her presence. I was blown away.3. Now besides Sweden and Norway, what is your best impression from Eurovision in general

The first song that comes to mind that really made an impression is ‘’Rise Like A Phoenix’’. I thought that was such a powerful song with a powerful performance. Loved it.
Thank you Nina, seems you also like Saima think Loreen is great and Conchita.

‘Colors Of My Love’ – The brand new single by Nina

Nina {copyright: sensesaudioproduction - from the official video clip for 'Colors Of My Love'}
Nina {copyright: sensesaudioproduction; song copyright@NINA – from the official video clip for ‘Colors Of My Love’}

Nina has released her brand new single and video clip for Colors Of My Love. She has wrote the music and lyrics herself. It is an anthemic pop song and is a perfect radio friendly song that showcases Nina’s vocal and songwriting talents. It is a Senses Audio Production and the video is directed by Veljko Prodanovic. The musicians on the song are Luka Lopicic, Mihailo Zivojinovic, Dusan Petrovic and Nina also provides the backing vocals on the track.

Nina has changed her appearance a lot since her appearance at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, where she represented Serbia, with her catchy song Čaroban. Now her hair is long and flowing. You can see for yourself in the video clip of Colors Of Love below. She is currently residing in Australia these days, where she is also studying.

Source: facebook.com/Danica.n.radojicic; ESC Covers; song copyright@NINA

Listen to Nina’s acoustic cover of the new Adele song – ‘Hello’

Nina {copyright: Senses Audio Production/Momcilo/Veljko Prodanovic}
Nina {copyright: Senses Audio Production/Momcilo/Veljko Prodanovic}

Nina continues her acoustic covers with her piano driven version of the new Adele hit, Hello. Her strong and clear vocals are evident in this powerful rendition of the song.

Nina has also recorded a video to accompany Hello.  The arrangement is by Nina herself with audio production by Senses Audio Production.  The video shoot is by Momcilo and Veljko Prodanovic who also did the video edit.

Nina represented Serbia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with her retro sounding hit Čaroban.

You can see the video for Hello below.

Source: NINAmusic/You Tube; www.esccovers.com



Nina makes return with acoustic cover of ‘Real Love/Rather Be’

Nina {copyright: Nina/Veljko Prodanovic}
Nina {copyright: Nina/Veljko Prodanovic}

Nina represented Serbia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with the retro inspired Čaroban. Nina (Danica Radojčić) is currently living in Australia and has just released her first solo cover music video. Nina has made an acoustic medley of Real Love and Rather Be by Clean Bandit.

Nina showcases her soulful vocals on this cover version and is inspired by the vocals of Jess Glynne (who sang the lead on those two Clean Bandit hits). The video was recorded in Melbourne, Australia. The song production is by Song Senses Production.

Nina promises more covers soon so tune in to her You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/NINAmusicof… and you can see the video for Real Love/Rather Be below.

Source: Nina/Facebook; www.esccovers.com


Today is the turn of one of my favourite songs from Eurovision, ICELAND 1991 and their song NINA by STEFAN and EYFI. The Afrikaans cover is my favourite of any cover done in South Africa. It is sung by BLES BRIDGES who tragically died 15 years ago, Until recently this was the biggest seller of any cover in South Africa and compared to the Icelandic population, it accounts to that 1 out of every 2 Iceland people would have bought a copy.