Nina is the second member of In Fusion to answer the questions from ESC Covers
1. Since you are from NORWAY – what is your best highlight from Norway’s entries at Eurovision
I absolutely love ‘’Secret Garden’’ from 1995. Me and my best friend sometimes lie down with our eyes closed and just listen to it. It’s one of the most magical songs I’ve ever heard.
I also wanna mention that I thought Alexander Rybaks ‘Fairytale’ in 2009 was awesome. Especially because a good friend of mine played violin on stage and I was so proud!2. Since your composers are from SWEDEN – what is your best highlight from Sweden’s entries at Eurovision

From Sweden I love Euphoria by Loreen from 2012. Such a majestic song. I get goosebumps just thinking about her performance. She was barefoot and completely alone on stage, but somehow she filled every corner with her presence. I was blown away.3. Now besides Sweden and Norway, what is your best impression from Eurovision in general

The first song that comes to mind that really made an impression is ‘’Rise Like A Phoenix’’. I thought that was such a powerful song with a powerful performance. Loved it.
Thank you Nina, seems you also like Saima think Loreen is great and Conchita.

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