Albania: Listen to the beautiful ‘Gjyshes’ by Efi Gjika, Isea Çili. Ana Kodra and Klaudio Zoto

efi isea ana


A charming collaboration by Efi Gjika, Isea Çili, Ana Kodra and Klaudio Zoto has been released entitled Gjyshes (Grandmother). It is dedicated to grandmothers everywhere and is the wonderful idea by composer and producer Sokol Marsi. The song has a delightful and heart warming melody and gives everyone hope during these difficult times.

Efi (2018), Isea (2019) and Ana (2017) represented Albania at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Klaudio was the first Albanian representative at the 2018 Eurovision Young Musicians festival.

You can hear the beautiful Gjyshes and see the music video filmed and recorded at the individual homes of the singers and composer below.

Source: ESC Covers; RTSH


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