Albania: Listen to the beautiful ‘Gjyshes’ by Efi Gjika, Isea Çili. Ana Kodra and Klaudio Zoto

A charming collaboration by Efi Gjika, Isea Çili, Ana Kodra and Klaudio Zoto has been released entitled Gjyshes (Grandmother). It is dedicated to grandmothers everywhere and is the wonderful idea by composer and producer Sokol Marsi. The song has a delightful and heart warming melody and gives everyone hope during these difficult times. Efi (2018), Isea (2019) […]

Daneliya Tuleshova releases her ‘Glossy’ new song

Daneliya Tuleshova returns with a very contemporary and radio friendly track entitled Glossy. Glossy is composed by Valentin Voedilo of OVAL MUSIC and the arrangement is by Arsen Odabashyan also of OVAL MUSIC. Daneliya represented Kazakhstan at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk with Ózińe sen and impressed many on the The World’s Best tv show in […]

Anna Filipchuk releases brand new song and music video for ‘Lyubov-voyna’

Anna Filipchuk has released a brand new song and video clip for the song Lyubov-voyna (Love-war). It is a powerful and upbeat song with a strong production. Lyubov-voyna is composed by Rita Dakota. The director is Roman Trofimov. Anna represented Russia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song Unbreakable. You can see the official […]

Rita Laranjeira gives accomplished home concert show for #Homestage Festival

Rita Laranjeira put on a very professional and accomplished show for the #Homestage Festival. She showcased her talent at the piano with several songs by artists like Sam Smith and Billie Eilish and she played some of her own original compositions. Rita represented Portugal at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I am sure we […]

Anna Filipchuk performs at Zhara Fest in Russia

Anna Filipchuk recently performed at the Zhara Fest in Sochi, Russia. She performed in the festival concert and you can see an example of her journey with her song  Lyubov-Voyna (Love-War) below. The concert will be broadcast on @zharatv this evening at 19:00 (CET). Anna has also recorded the Klavy Koki song Nenavizhu-obozhayu (I hate, I adore) at […]

Rita Laranjeira to participate in #Homestage festival live on Facebook

Rita Laranjeira will take part in the unique #Homestage festival concert live on Facebook. 90 artists from six countries and 11 nationalities will share examples of their music and talent to raise our spirits at this difficult time. The festival will be from 27 March to 1 April. Rita will perform on 30 March at […]

Albane & Léo release debut single – a cover of ‘Señorita’

Albane & Léo have released their debut single, which is a cover of the Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello smash worldwide summer hit of 2019, Señorita. The French dancers decided to record music together and they have made cool video clip of the song, which is directed by Kaba with the video production by Europicture. Albane & […]

Check out Efi Gjika and her new animated music video for ‘Arkitekte’

Efi Gjika has released Arkitekte, which was actually her first studio recording from a couple of years ago. It is an upbeat and fun song and the animated music video is created by a fan of Efi, @injemercyart. Arkitekte is composed by Sokol Marsi. Efi represented Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Barbie and […]

Serbia: Bojana Radovanović releases new cover song ‘Budi tu / Soba

Bojana Radovanović returns with a brand new cover. She has recorded a ‘mashup’ of Budi tu / Soba. Bojana has also filmed a special music video to accompany the track featuring Black Squad dancers. The ‘mashup’ consists of recent popular Balkan hits Budi tu (Be here) by Voyage x Breskvica and Soba (Room) by EDITA. […]

Albania: Efi is back with the ‘Cool Kids’

Efi Gjika has released a brand new song and video clip. Her song is entitled Cool Kids. The song is for sure, cool, and has a positive message and a contemporary vibe. Cool Kids is about the day to day life of kids at school and also having fun by doing cool activities like dancing and […]