Listen to Marija Spasovska cover ‘Hallelujah’

Marija Spasovska has covered Hallelujah to celebrate the New Year. She does a great job of the Leonard Cohen and also big number one hit in the United Kingdom for Alexandra Burke. Her vocals are crystal clear. Marija recently represented FYR Macedonia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the emotional Doma. You can see […]

Bojana Radovanović impresses on Pinkove Zvezdice All Stars with ‘Pogledaj dom svoj, anđele’

Bojana Radovanović is currently taking part in the Pinkove Zvezdice All Stars tv show. She gave an impressive performance of Pogledaj dom svoj, anđele (Look at your home, angels) by the Serbian rock band Riblja Čorba. Bojana is showing her versatility with a wide range of song choices on the tv programme and showcases her strong and powerful […]

Grigol Kipshidze & Tamar Edilashvili duet on festive show

Grigol Kipshidze & Tamar Edilashvili performed together on a New Year festive show in Georgia. They sang Faith by Stevie Wonder as used in the Sing movie soundtrack. Grigol represented Georgia at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi with Voice Of The Heart. Tamar recently represented Georgia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song […]

Portugal: Watch Rita Laranjeira sing ‘Eu sei’ by Sara Tavares

Rita Laranjeira has recently performed on a couple of occasions Eu sei (I know) by Sara Tavares (1994 ESC Portugal representative). She made a video at the college, where she met her first vocal teacher. The second was a performance was also with the teacher from the Colégio são José – Ramalhão. Rita was invited […]

Rita Laranjeira busy with festive appearances in Portugal

Rita Laranjeira has been busy since representing Portugal at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her upbeat song Gosto de Tudo. She has been showing her versatility as a young and talented artist. Rita has appeared on tv performing Gosto de Tudo on the special edition of Natal dos Hospitais on RTP. Also, Rita performed with the […]

Georgia: Tamar Edilashvili was one of the bright stars at 2018 Junior Eurovision with ‘Your Voice’

One of the outstanding performances and memorable songs from the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest was by Tamar Edilashvili. She represented Georgia with her song Your Voice. Tamar gave a great show on the stage and her song was catchy and contemporary. She has a great charisma and was a pleasure to interview in Minsk. I […]

Watch Bojana Radovanović sing ‘Molitva’ on Pinkove Zvezdice in Serbia

Bojana Radovanović has performed Molitva at the Pinkove Zvezdice show in Serbia. She was even dressed like the winner of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest for Serbia, Marija Šerifović. Bojana recently represented Serbia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Belarus with her song Svet. She gave a charming performance on the stage/ Bojana told […]

The Teledetki young reporters make a cool documentary about 2018 Junior Eurovision

ESC Covers met with the three young reporters from the St Petersburg kids channel, Teledetki, in Minsk. Daria, Elis and Maria were there to report on the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The girls did a wonderful job and made interviews with singers and important people working on the show. They also got to ask […]

Bojana Radovanović takes part in Pinkove Zvezdice All Stars competition

Bojana Radovanović charmed many at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where she was representing Serbia with her song Svet. Bojana is a busy girl these days as she is also taking part in the popular Pinkove Zvezdice All Stars competition. Most recently she performed the song Samo u snu by Funky G on the show. The […]

Azerbaijan: Fidan Huseynova charmed many at the 2018 Junior Eurovision

Fidan Huseynova charmed many people with her appearance at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song I Wanna Be Like You. She was always very sweet and kind during her rehearsal days and press conference. Fidan celebrated her birthday in Minsk and she was given some flowers and a warm reception at the […]