Albania: Efi is back with the ‘Cool Kids’

Efi Gjika has released a brand new song and video clip. Her song is entitled Cool Kids. The song is for sure, cool, and has a positive message and a contemporary vibe. Cool Kids is about the day to day life of kids at school and also having fun by doing cool activities like dancing and […]

Watch: Efi’s adventures backstage at the 2019 Junior Eurovision

Efi Gjika was back at the 2019 Junior Eurovision but this time to announce the scoring for Albania. Efi had many adventures during her eventful trip to Poland! Efi made a backstage video showing the inside story and along the way she met many of the acts from this year and also caught up with […]

Efi Gjika returns with great memories of ‘Summer Days’

Efi Gjika is back with a brand new song and video clip for the song Summer Days. The video was filmed during her happy summer holiday fun days!! The filming was at a combination of a cruise on board the MSC Cruise liner in the Mediterranean, also on the Greek Ionian islands and at home […]

Efi Gjika releases ‘Fight Song’ cover and beautiful video clip

Efi Gjika recently released a charming cover version of the popular Rachel Platten hit, Fight Song. Efi also released a delightful and colourful video clip for the song which was beautifully filmed by her father on a family vacation in the Greek Ionian islands. Fight Song suits Efi’s powerful vocals and she said the song “inspires me […]

The Making of ‘Happy Birthday’ video released by Efi Gjika

Efi Gjika recently released her brand new single and video clip for Happy Birthday. It is a fun song and very catchy and perfect for birthday parties of course! A special Making of ‘Happy Birthday’ video has been released to show the fun and effort and great ideas that Efi had for the video. It […]

Efi releases ‘Happy Birthday’ teaser video…..and she wants to sing at your birthday celebration!!!!!

Efi Gjika is set to release her brand new single on 14 February entitled Happy Birthday. She has released a teaser video and the song will be released on 14 February. To celebrate this exciting release Efi has decided announce a big competition and YOU can be the lucky winner!!! Efi will fly to YOUR COUNTRY […]

Albania: Efi Gjika releases the official video clip of ‘Barbie’

Efi Gjika was recently selected to represent Albania at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Now the official video clip of her song, Barbie, has been released. The video looks like great fun for Efi and her friends. It begins as she wakes up and she looks at her collection of Barbie dolls.  It is […]