Mina Blažev and her cover of ‘Nocturno’ on ‘My Favorite Song’ show

Mina Blažev has made a welcome return by performing on the ‘My Favorite Song’ show from North Macedonia. Mina performed a beautiful cover of the song Nocturno by Oliver Dragojević. The mix and mastering and piano playing for the Nocturno track are by Aleksandar Spasencovski. The recording took place at the MusicStudioSpasencovski. Mina represented North Macedonia at the 2017 […]

Ana Kodra wins an incredible 6 Grand Prix awards at online festivals in 2020

Ana Kodra has had an incredible success by winning six Grand Prix awards at various online festivals during 2020. Her unique charm and talent impressed judges worldwide with flawless online performances. The online festivals that Ana had the successes were in 2020 – Angel Voice – Belgrade International Music Festival Online Edition in Serbia – […]

Listen to Mina Blažev and her cover of ‘Kako Posle Nas’

Mina Blažev has covered the song Kako Posle Nas (How after us) by Saša Kovačević.   Her classy vocals suit the song with a charming style and poise. Mina earlier this year had a big success at the Dmoll Online Festival 2020 where she took the first place – Grand Prix award. Mina represented North Macedonia at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song […]

Listen: Muireann McDonnell and her charming cover of ‘Moon River’

Muireann McDonnell has performed a beautiful version of the standard classic, Moon River. Muireann gives her own and charming interpretation of the song. She thanks Thornton Pianos and their crew for the opportunity to play the restored Challen upright piano and the support they give musicians in Ireland. Moon River was composed by Henry Mancini and […]

Ana Kodra has big success at two online music festivals

Ana Kodra has had big success by winning two important international prizes at online music festivals. First was the WAPA Caucasus section organised in Tbilisi, Georgia. Also, Ana won the top prize for the 10-13 age category at the Brilliant Voices 2020 competition organised in Monaco. Congratulations to Ana on her great achievements. Ana represented […]

Muireann McDonnell covers ‘Listen Before I Go’ by Billie Eilish

Muireann McDonnell has covered the Billie Eilish song, Listen Before I Go. Muireann’s vocals suit the gentle song very much. Muireann continues to blossom as a young musician and enjoys very much playing live when possible. Muireann represented Ireland at the 2017  Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Súile Glasa. You can see Muireann sing Listen Before I […]

Ana Kodra wins Grand Prix prize at the WAPA International Festival

Ana Kodra has had a big success by winning the top Grand Prix prize for her age category, 10-13 years, at the WAPA World Vision – World Association of Performing Arts International Contest 2020 via an online competition consisting of 40 countries. Congratulations to Ana, who continues to impress judges and fans around the world […]

Albania: Ana Kodra gives mini-concert for local residents in Tirana

Ana Kodra gave a mini-c0ncert to local residents in her home city of Tirana, Albania. People watched and applauded on their balconies of the apartments during this time of quarantine. News 24 Albania reported on the event. Ana represented Albania at the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Mos ma prekni pemën / Don’t Touch My […]

Maria Iside Fiore and her message of hope with ‘Heal The World’

Maria Iside Fiore has recorded a special message of hope at Easter during this difficult time in the world, with her interpretation of Heal The World, by Michael Jackson. Maria Iside has made a short video wishing people a Happy Easter and hope for a return to a good normality as soon as possible and not […]

Albania: Listen to the beautiful ‘Gjyshes’ by Efi Gjika, Isea Çili. Ana Kodra and Klaudio Zoto

A charming collaboration by Efi Gjika, Isea Çili, Ana Kodra and Klaudio Zoto has been released entitled Gjyshes (Grandmother). It is dedicated to grandmothers everywhere and is the wonderful idea by composer and producer Sokol Marsi. The song has a delightful and heart warming melody and gives everyone hope during these difficult times. Efi (2018), Isea (2019) […]