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Since Monday 28 September, the ESC COVERS website (with our partners Eurovision coverage, EuroVisionMusic, Destination Eurovision and the radio station x5 stereo) started promoting the COVER2COVER concept. It is not a competition anymore but a promotion platform and hopefully South African artists will send covers to us. The 3 entries we received, Helena, Anton and Marle, will be carried over to the coverage. Victor Bush is once again our model and he will be holding promo items, CD’s and bags of some of the entries from the Eurovision song contest. The forth one is of MOLDOVA 2018, MY LUCKY DAY of DoReDoS  with a promo CD package and bag. Cole van Dais and Pieter Kotze also covered My lucky day in a combination of Spanish and Afrikaans. We just reported yesterday on a brand new song and video from DoReDoS.



Birthday Greetings to Colé van dais


One of the ESC COVERS staff has a birthday today – We send a Very Happy Birthday to Colé van dais.

Colé is from South Africa and has sung many EUROVISION covers and we hope she enjoys her birthday today.

Check out Colé performing the winning song of Denmark from 2013 by Emmelie de Forest, Only Teardrops, in the Afrikaans language. This performance was in the Euroclub at the Eurovision in Copenhagen in 2014.

Ebony & Ivory – the new and exciting duo from South Africa

Ebony & Ivory
Ebony & Ivory

Two talented singers have combined in South Africa to make an exciting duo. Colé van dais and Monica Nyenga have joined up to make Ebony & Ivory. Both singers have over 15 years of experience performing in South Africa and worldwide. These dynamic singers entertain any audience with their stunning voices, stage presence and vibrant personalities! They can sing a wide variety of songs and in different genres including Afro-pop, traditional, jazz, rock, pop, and dance music. With different show options, including variety music, original songs or their Favourite SouthA Hits show, singing laid back to upbeat songs to suit any atmosphere, Ebony & Ivory is an excellent entertainment choice for a any audience. Especially those who love and support South African music.

Ebony & Ivory are available for corporate functions, product launches, brand marketing events/tours, business functions, awards evenings, charity fundraisers, weddings, festivals, edutainment initiatives, motivational speaking, team building events, jingles, voice overs, brand ambassadors, etc.

For bookings contact

+27 072 672 8725


*Solo & duo singer options available

**Sound system & DJ options available 

Marketing opportunity for brands:

*If you are looking for a great opportunity to market your brand in a positive effective way, Ebony & Ivor offer excellent brand-audience connection through music. At live shows there is already an audience paying attention, and most likely in a happy state of mind, ready to enjoy the entertainment. As a sponsor, your brand can get exposure via your banners at the stage. They play your audio advert before and after the event, as well as thank you for sponsorship in the middle of the show. Having your brand associated with a music event makes it more likely for the audience to associate happy feelings with your brand and make it part of their memorable experience. If someone had an awesome time at the event, it makes it more likely for them to ‘fall in love’ with your brand’ as they link these happy thoughts to everything associated with their positive experience! If your brand logos are next to the stage, just imagine what a powerful impact it can have on people visually and emotionally.

The girls also share pictures on social media, #hashtag and refer sponsors via affiliate links (on a refer commission basis) via our website and newsletters to fans.

To inquire about this exciting opportunity or discuss ideas, please contact us








We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Colé van dais

072 672 8725

AT THE OGAE PARTY in the euro fan cafe

Symphony from Swaziland and the winner of the first Afri music song contest also met up with another guest at the OGAE party last night. This time it is SANNA NIELSEN who participated for Sweden at the 2014 Eurovision in Copenhagen. She placed in the top 5 with her song UNDO which was covered in Afrikaans. Sanna stays in the same hotel as Roy van der Merwe, the owner of this website and who brought Symphony to Lisbon. Cole van Dais, a South African artist covered many Euro songs (more  than 20) and she was a guest in Copenhagen at euro club and met Sanna that year. On top of it, Suzy from Portugal who represented Portugal in Copenhagen was a the host of the evening




This song is a COVER of a 2017 Eurovision entry – CITY LIGHTS from Belgium. The song is being sung by 3 females – Cole van Dais who is an Afrikaans singer, Wendy Oldfield who is an English singer and Sisane Kubheke who is a Xhosa singer. Part of the cover is in XHOSA sung by Sisane. Xhosa is one of the 11 official languages in South Africa.