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ALL THE BEST TO SERGEY SYSUEV from ESC COVERS with his technical training

ESC COVERS, in the form of Roy  van der Merwe and Ian Fowell, want to wish the  best of luck to SERGEY SYSUEV from UKRAINE who seems to be preparing with technical training in that awful conflict between his country and Russia. Continue reading ALL THE BEST TO SERGEY SYSUEV from ESC COVERS with his technical training

AFRI MUSIC SONG CONTEST – 3rd SA registration (Cole van Dais)

Cole van Dais became the 3rd South African artist to register.  She has indicated that since she is busy with a DUET CD, her songs will all be duets, Euro covers and even with foreign singers. The first one she registered is with Sergey Sysuev from the Ukraine. And they will do the 2017 Eurovision song from San Marino, SPIRIT OF THE NIGHT, originally sung by Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson. It is of course a song composed by German composer Ralph Siegel who has over 100 of his songs covered in South Africa. Afri music song contest is only open to singers outside of AFRICA if they are in duet with someone from Africa and then the song is entered for the country of origin of the African duet partner. But this is another way to involve especially Eurovision singers to be part of this contest and help it grow.




Artist and Song Announcement by San Marino Lil Eurofriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Hey, everyfriend! I’m San Marino, or Marino for short! And as the youngest of all Eurofriends in Eurovision Land, everyday is a new esc-perience to me. While, I’m still trying to do my best in a lot of things. From tying my shoes, blowing the BIGGEST bubble and even doing my best to bring a best result or victory for my small country in Eurovision, my innocent and bubbly attitude helps me and my pals to be in the right place for every friend I meet and there’s so much to try in the song contest.

I’m so esc-cited to meet my Eurostars. I saw what the other Eurofriends, specially my BIG brother Rome and BIG sister Valletta’s songs. They amused me. But, when you hear my song, you’re going to love and like it! I can’t wait to return to the GRAND final in Kyiv and give a BIG impression. If my country wins, I’m going to add “Hosting a Eurovision Event” in my “So much to try and do your best” list!”- By San Marino Lil Eurofriend

Song and Artist Announcement 18:00 CET
Official Broadcaster’s link: http://www.smtvsanmarino.sm/
San Marino Page at ESCKAZ: http://www.esckaz.com/2017/smr.htm

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