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ALL THE BEST TO SERGEY SYSUEV from ESC COVERS with his technical training

ESC COVERS, in the form of Roy  van der Merwe and Ian Fowell, want to wish the  best of luck to SERGEY SYSUEV from UKRAINE who seems to be preparing with technical training in that awful conflict between his country and Russia. Continue reading ALL THE BEST TO SERGEY SYSUEV from ESC COVERS with his technical training


It is a few days since the first videos have been uploaded by 1in360 for San Marino 2018 Eurovision selection. ESCCover have looked at about 30% of the videos – in time we will get to everyone.

Obviously being a South African based website our first focus was on the entries from South Africa – unfortunately just 3 of them. We can report that Cole van Dais in duet with Orpan of Thailand has reached the magical 100 LIKES. Andre van Wyngaart is standing at 76 likes and we hope he will reach 100 soon. Christian Heath the 3rd entry, still has some way to go but we hope he will reach 100 likes also before the closing date. Of course we hope for more SA entries.

Secondly our attention went to other entries from Africa especially in the light of the upcoming Afri music song contest and quite a few surprised us. A little disappointed over the low amount of likes for the combined entry of Namibia/Germany but hopefully it will reach 100 likes as well.

We also looked at some from Malta and are happy that Kurt has passed the 100 likes (currently at 117) and the brother/sister duo stands at 92.

One from China has just reached the 100 like mark.

We also support Sergey Sysuev from Ukraine and hope his likes increased.

A surprise is one from Italy with already 350 likes – a fun video about BI POLAR.

There is also an interesting one from Columbia with 257 likes already.

From the look of it the top 3 in terms of likes are
3 – David Vardanov of Armenia with 813
2 – Sarah of Ireland with 926
1 – Justin Utley from the United States of America with 1202.

A lot can still happen before the deadline but we will continue to look – thumbs up to San Marino for this initiative.




AFRI MUSIC SONG CONTEST – 3rd SA registration (Cole van Dais)

Cole van Dais became the 3rd South African artist to register.  She has indicated that since she is busy with a DUET CD, her songs will all be duets, Euro covers and even with foreign singers. The first one she registered is with Sergey Sysuev from the Ukraine. And they will do the 2017 Eurovision song from San Marino, SPIRIT OF THE NIGHT, originally sung by Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson. It is of course a song composed by German composer Ralph Siegel who has over 100 of his songs covered in South Africa. Afri music song contest is only open to singers outside of AFRICA if they are in duet with someone from Africa and then the song is entered for the country of origin of the African duet partner. But this is another way to involve especially Eurovision singers to be part of this contest and help it grow.




We started working today on a new exotic duet – between Cole van Dais of South Africa and Sergey Sysuev of Ukraine. They will cover the 2017 Eurovision song of San Marino Spirit of the night. It will be in at least three languages with Sergey singing his bit in one language, Cole singing her bit in another language and together the chorus will be in English. We hope it will be done within the next 3-4 weeks.