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Special celebration album to Ralph Siegel released – ‘Mehr Als Ein Bisschen Frieden’


On the day of his birthday, ESC Covers would like to tell you about a special album celebration release to Ralph Siegel. The album is called ‘Mehr Als Ein Bisschen Frieden’ (More than a little peace).

It is the ‘the best of the best’ of some of his many compositions over the years. He has composed more than 2,000 hits, including many Eurovision songs. He is Germany’s most successful songwriter. He has had many gold and platinum discs.

This new compilation is a 3 disc set including all the big songs and a new Stereoact hit mix. The album is available to purchase from stores such as Amazon.

Some of the artists included on the album are Nicole, Katja Epstein, Karel Gott, Dschinghis Khan, Rex Gildo, Nana Mouskouri, Marianne Rosenberg and many others.

Let us remind ourselves of Ralph’s big success with Nicole with Ein Bisschen Frieden (A Little Peace) – the winner of the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest for Germany.

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On 23rd August 2020 we (ESC Covers, EuroVisionMusic, Eurovision Coverage and Destination Eurovision) started publishing pictures of  VICTOR BUSH modeling a Eurovision t-shirt and holding the promo material for that entry. It is to make artists aware of entering the COVER2COVER SINGING contest we were arranging. Having received just 3 entries by the end of August – one in each of the 3 categories, it was clear we cannot have a competition with just 3 local entries. We had a rethink over the concept. The COVER2COVER concept will change but it won’t be a competition anymore with a closing date. It will be a PROMOTION PLATFORM where we will give exposure and promotion to any Eurovision related cover – an artist can send us any such song whether it is a professional video, a home video of just an audio video. There are also no limit on how many songs/videos an artist can send. We continue publishing the t-shirts at random and the 18th one is from SWITZERLAND. This t-shirt celebrates the 2006 Eurovision entry from SWITZERLAND – the song is called IF WE ALL GIVE A LITTLE by SIX4ONE.  Six  artists from six different countries and the song composed by Ralph Siegel. In total we will publish around 30 t-shirts and after that about 10 pictures of promotional Eurovision bags for a bit of variety.



It is now TIME to look at the 4th artist who will perform at the Eurovision convention in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

It is BIANCA SHOMBURG who represented Germany at the 1997 Eurovision song contest with the Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger song ZEIT. The English version is called TIME. So Bianca sang about Time long before Belarus had someone in 2015 and Ukraine someone in 2017 singing about TIME. Bianca sounds quite like Celine Dion and it is a pity we have not heard a lot from her in recent years. Maybe she will turn back the time in Frankfurt and sings some fantastic new songs.



We move to the second artist who will appear at the Eurovision convention in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Lou is the stage name of Louise Hoffner, a German pop singer.

She participated in the 2001 Eurovision national finals, coming in third place with HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARTY. Shortly before Christmas 2002, composer Ralph Siegel asked her if she would be interested in competing in the national finals again with “Let’s Get Happy”, a song he had written with lyricist Bernd Meinunger. Lou won the German 2003 finals and represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in Riga where she came in 11th place. 

Hopefully she will sing these two songs in Frankfurt.


AFRI MUSIC SONG CONTEST – 3rd SA registration (Cole van Dais)

Cole van Dais became the 3rd South African artist to register.  She has indicated that since she is busy with a DUET CD, her songs will all be duets, Euro covers and even with foreign singers. The first one she registered is with Sergey Sysuev from the Ukraine. And they will do the 2017 Eurovision song from San Marino, SPIRIT OF THE NIGHT, originally sung by Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson. It is of course a song composed by German composer Ralph Siegel who has over 100 of his songs covered in South Africa. Afri music song contest is only open to singers outside of AFRICA if they are in duet with someone from Africa and then the song is entered for the country of origin of the African duet partner. But this is another way to involve especially Eurovision singers to be part of this contest and help it grow.




The day started off with very sad news from Ralph Siegel informing us of the death of CHRIS ROBERTS. Although Chris has never been an entry at Eurovision for Germany, he was well known among many EURO fans who follow German schlager music and songs composed by Ralph Siegel. One of his biggest hits was DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH (of course sang in German and composed by Ralph Siegel). The song was also covered in Danish by one of their most known Eurovision composer KELD HEICK (with his group) and the title is also DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH. In South Africa the song was covered as well and the title DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH was speak although the lyrics are in Afrikaans, and sung in duet form by Carike Keuzenkamp and Johan Stemmet. Chris was at Eurovision as one of a group of 6 singers who represented Luxembourg in 1985 with the song CHILDREN, KINDER, ENFANTS which was also composed by Ralph Siegel