VALENTINA MONETA, who is celebrating a birthday today, represented SAN MARINO 4 times at the Eurovision song contest.

The first time Valentina came to the Eurovision song contest was in 2012 and the she sang THE SOCIAL NETWORK SONG.

She returned in 2013 and this time she sang CRISALIDE (VOLA).

3rd for her was in 2014 when she sang MAYBE (FORSE).

She then took a break and returned in 2017 with a partner JIMMIE WILSON and they sang SPIRIT OF THE NIGHT.

Ralph Siegel composed all 4 songs.

Roy van der Merwe (of ESC Covers) met her all four times and in 2014 he took a South African singer COLE VAN DAIS with him as she had just covered Valentina’s song Crisalide as DROME VAN MY HART.

These two, and the rest of ESC Covers Ian, Barry and Andy,  want to wish Valentina a wonderful  birthday.

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