Morten Thomassen discusses today the song that came second in 1982. ESC Covers google translated from Norwegian to English.

So we’re going to go back in time, which many believe is really far back in time, for me it’s probably the golden age of our beloved competition.

The threat from the east was then called the Cold War, so it was therefore perhaps not so surprising that it was a song about the desire for a little peace that won.

Against this, Israeli joy of life fell short, a whopping 61 points short.

Avi Toledano nevertheless impressed many with his song “Hora” and it is quite possible that the vocalist and choir in harmonious unison dancing and singing together fell to the taste of many, even if the microphone stands got a little hard going.

Incidentally, this was the last year of wired microphones, which probably made life easier for artists who needed to move on stage.

German Nicole had little to do with, the battle for second place, on the other hand, was quite fierce all the while Switzerland and Belgium respectively finished only 3 and 4 points behind to get the imaginary silver medal in this year’s competition.

Avi, which is short for Avraham, was born in Morocco back in 1948, so he has grown up now with his 74 years.

Musically, he has been active since 1969 and he has released a number of albums over the years.

He has also participated several times in the Israeli final both as an artist and composer.

Of these contributions, the following year’s Israeli contribution is probably the best known, he is the composer behind the song “Hi”.

As an artist, he came second in the local final in 1989 and he is said to have been really angry at being beaten by a 12-year-old boy who couldn’t sing properly.

Well, whether Mr. Toledano still has his voice intact is not known, I think it is unlikely that he envisions more participation in ESC anyway.

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