Armenia: Mila & Anna sing the emotional ‘Vozvrashchaysya domoy’

Mila & Anna Sivolyan recorded the song Vozvrashchaysya domoy (Come back home). They perform it with a lot of emotion and is a plea for their soldiers to come home safely due to the current conflict with Azerbaijan.

Vozvrashchaysya domoy was originally recorded by Sevak Khanaghyan, who represented Armenia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Mila Sivolyan / Mila Sivolli is a popular opera singer and also perform pop. She has won several top prizes at international festivals.

Anna Sivolyan / Anna Sivolli has also had success at festivals including a triumph at the WAPA World Vision – World Association of Performing Arts International Contest 2020 competition.

You can see Mila & Anna sing Vozvrashchaysya domoy below.

Source: ESC Covers


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