Victoria: Now give your feedback to Bulgarian tv about the potential Eurovision songs

Victoria has now released all the six songs in contention to be the entry for Bulgaria at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. Now you can have your say on what you think of the songs.

The Bulgarian public broadcaster, BNT, will consider the opinions in the feedback given before selecting the song for Victoria to sing in Rotterdam in May.

Five of the songs are from Victoria’s EP ‘a little dramatic’ and the other song, Ugly Cry, was released earlier. All songs are available to buy or stream from digital platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, YouTube Music, Apple Music and many more.

The six songs in contention –

  • Ugly Cry
  • imaginary friend
  • dive into unknown
  • phantom pain
  • the funeral song
  • growing up is getting old

You can see all the music videos for Victoria’s songs and give your feedback here.

Source: ESC Covers

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