For the entire month of February, ESC Covers will take every day a South African artist/group/duo on a virtual tour to Europe. We will visit 28 countries.

Day 20 takes us to SWEDEN. This country is currently in the middle of their Eurovision 2021 selection and tonight will be another semi final. The SA artists who will be “touring” there, are the  group ROMANZ and NIANELL.

They covered the 2009 Eurovision entry from SWEDEN LA VOIX  by Malena Ernman. During the Eurovision she wore a dress decorated with ostrich features from Oudshoorn, South Africa. Romanz and Nianell’s  Afrikaans cover is called LA VOIX – JOU STEM.

They also hope to “run” into Gretha, the daughter of Malena and a well known child activist on especially global warming.

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