Akuvi releases her new song ‘Confusion’

Akuvi has released a brand new song entitled Confusion. It is a haunting and contemporary track sung with strong drum and bass beats and soulful vocals. Confusion is composed by Akuvi (Beatrice Akuvi) and Hosen Kumordzie. The track is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores. Akuvi took part in the 2020 Melodi Grand […]

Norway: Akuvi records her music video for ‘Som du e’ in South Africa

Akuvi is an automatic finalist for the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix in Norway with her song Som du e (As you are). She has revealed she is recording her music video for song in South Africa coutesy of Popoh Films. Som du e is composed by Beatrice Akuvi Kumordzie and Andreas Stone Johansson. We await with the […]

Norway: Watch Akuvi perform in South Africa

Akuvi is an artist that was announced who will be a direct entrant in to the final of the 2020 Melodi Grand Prix in Norway on 15 February. Akuvi performed in South Africa and sang on the Expresso Morning Show on the tv channel SABC3. She sung the song Obligations. The song that Akuvi will perform at […]