Serbia: Petar Aničić releases Polish and Spanish versions of ‘Heartbeat’ – 2020 JESC

Petar Aničić will today represent Serbia at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with his song Heartbeat. He has just released two very special interpretations of the song – he has recorded both Polish and Spanish language versions. Heartbeat is composed by Petar Aničić and Vladimir Graić (music) and Marija Božović Radović and Mirko Radović Barreto (Spanish lyrics). The […]

Listen to the sound of Maryellen Badea

Maryellen Badea is a talented 15 years old singer, who was born in the United Kingdom, and was raised in Romania by her grandparents. When she was six years old she began to sing and dance and do modelling.Maryellen has a unique and charming voice and has had much success in many festivals and competitions including […]


We got the following press release from Warner music. “(Christmas Eve) After Midnight” is the name of Björn Skif’s new Christmas single. A classic crooner ballad with a nice retro feel, recorded in Baggpipe Studio in the Stockholm suburb of Skärmarbrink. The studio is classic ground for Björn: he recorded pretty much all of his 70s […]

Alizzz, Amaia release ‘El encuentro’ single and video

A new release from Spain sees Alizzz, Amaia release the song El encuentro (The encounter). It is a catchy and upbeat track with strong hook and beat. El encuentro is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores. The music video is directed by BRBR films and produced by Garlic TV. Amaia & Alfred represented […]

Beth is back with ‘Que Tremolin els Arbres’

Beth makes a welcome return to the spotlight with her brand new release entitled Que Tremolin els Arbres (Let the trees tremble). The song is performed in the Catalan language and is an anthemic and catchy pop song together with Beth’s unique and quaint vocals. Que Tremolin els Arbres is available to purchase or stream from most […]

Anja releases her new song ‘Can’t Do This’

Anja is back with a brand new single entitled Can’t Do This. It is a pop song with a positive vibe and a strong production and great vocals by Anja. Can’t Do This is composed by Anja Nissen and Ludvig Brygmann. The production is by Ludvig Brygmann and the mastering engineer is Jakob Groth. The music arrangement […]

Mila Sivolyan wins ‘BEST YOUNG CLASSICAL SINGER OF THE YEAR – 2020′ award

Mila Sivolyan has had another big success by winning the ‘BEST YOUNG CLASSICAL SINGER OF THE YEAR – 2020′ award organised by the  World Association of Performing Arts. This was arranged online via ‘WORLD MUSIC AWARDS – 2020′ from Las Vegas, USA. In September, Mila also won an important online music festival based from Monaco. She […]

Michelle releases new song and video for ‘Anders ist gut’

Michelle is back with another new single and video clip. This time for the song Anders ist gut (Different is good). It is an upbeat and catchy schlager track with a strong production. Anders ist gut is composed by Peter Plate, Ulf Leo Sommer, Joshua Lange and Sommer Verlag. This is a quickfire follow up to VORBEI VORBEI and is taken […]

Malta chooses Chanel Monseigneur – Chasing Sunsets

Days after the public vote closed in Malta, Chanel Monseigneur (9) has emerged as the winner of the competition and will take her song ‘Chasing Sunsets’ to the Junior Eurovision song contest in Poland.

Listen to the young talent of Gaia Gambuzza from Malta

Gaia Gambuzza is a talented 11 years old singer from Malta. She has been singing from the tender age of four, where she attended an international performing arts school in Malta. The teachers saw the potential in Gaia and advised her parents it would be good for her to pursue her singing. Gaia joined a vocal […]