Marija Spasovska releases brand new song ‘Sakam’

Marija Spasovska returns with a brand new song entitled Sakam (I want). It is a powerful and contemporary pop song beautifully interpreted by Marija. Sakam is composed by Robert Bilbilov with the lyrics by Marija. The track is produced by Robert Bilbilov (Just RB Production). Marija gave a proud and powerful performance for her country North Macedonia […]

Watch: Sophia Ivanko and her cover of ‘Stone Cold’

Sophia Ivanko has covered the Demi Lovato hit, Stone Cold, in an acoustic version with her music teacher, Mikhail Tolmachev. Sophia charmed many with her performance at the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest where she was representing Ukraine with her song The Spirit Of Music. You can see Sophia sing Stone Cold below. Source: ESC Covers

Leah Cauchi releases music video for ‘Illejla’

Leah Cauchi has released an official music video for the original song Illejla (Tonight), the song that she performed at the 2019 Malta Junior Eurovision Song Contest national selection. It is a beautifully filmed video and it suits the mood of the song perfectly. Illejla is composed by Emil Calleja Bayliss and Cyprian Cassar. You can […]

Stefania releases new single ‘Turn Around’

Stefania has released a brand new single entitled Turn Around. It is a contemporary and upbeat dance song with a good production. Turn Around is composed by Clifford Goilo, Catalina Schweighauser and Stefania. It is produced and mixed by Clifford Goilo for Goilo Music. The track is available to download or stream from most digital stores […]

ANNIA writes ‘Without You’ lyrics for special show at Berklee College of Music in USA

ANNIA recently performed a special showcase at the Women Musicians Network Show at Berklee College of Music in the USA. She wrote English lyrics for her hit song Bez Tebe. It is entitled Without You to sing on the big occasion. ANNIA got to perform with the all female violinists and band and backing vocalists. Bez […]

Albania: Mishela Rapo releases music video of cover of ‘Ma zgjat doren’

Following our article earlier today Mishela Rapo has just released a brand cover version with a video clip of the song Ma zgjat doren (Extends my hand). Ma zgjat doren is a song by Eneda Tarifa. Mishela performs a charming cover that showcases her clear and beautiful and expressive vocals. The song is emotional and has an […]

Watch: Mishela Rapo singing ‘Tren per Prizren’ at Maratona e Këngës 2019

Mishela Rapo performed Tren per Prizren (Train to Prizren) at the Maratona e Këngës 2019 tour in Berat, Albania. It is a cover version of a song by Behare Shala. Mishela gives Tren per Prizren her own unique and charming performance to the song. Mishela represented Albania at the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Dambaje. You can see Mishela […]

Doinița Gherman releases new single ‘Aphrodisiac’

Doinița Gherman has released a brand new track called Aphrodisiac. It is very catch and upbeat song with a powerful production. Perfect for the dance floors around the holiday season! Aphrodisiac is composed by the popular songwriting duo Ylva & Linda Persson (who have worked with Doinița on Eurovision projects in the past) together with Michael […]

Listen: Marli with ‘As My Liefde Oortree’ – cover of Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2016 Eurovision)

Marli has covered the 2016 Eurovision song of Bulgaria by Poli Genova – If Love Was A Crime. She recorded the track in the Afrikaans language and it is entitled As My Liefde Oortree (If my love violates). Marli has written the Afrikaans lyrics for the track. Recently Marli, from South Africa, released a country pop […]

Watch: Rita Laranjeira perform ‘I Was Here’ by Beyoncé

Rita Laranjeira performed the Beyoncé song I Was Here at the As Asas da Liberdade stage show with the Kids On Broadway at the Capitólio in Portugal. She gave another commanding performance with her stage presence and vocals. Rita represented Portugal at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Gosto de Tudo (Já Não Gosto de Nada). You […]