ANABELA (Eurovision 1993) performing in Lisbon

Ian Fowell of ESC Covers is currently in Lisbon, Portugal. He ran into a poster of Anabela, who represented Portugal at the 1993 Eurovision song contest with A CIDADE (ATE SER DIA). She is currently performing in Lisbon.  


Ida Andia from Romania and Roy van der Merwe continue to look at the good and bad points of the 2019 Eurovision entries. Up today is AUSTRALIA. Ida – Good point : I like the staging and the voice. Bad point : Pop-opera is not the best style at the Eurovision song contest. Roy – […]


Next up is Azerbaijan for Ida Andia of Romania and Roy van der Merwe of South Africa to list good and bad points of their 2019 entry. Ida – good point : Chingiz is very charismatic, has an amazing voice, song and staging. No bad point. Roy – good point : The singer looked well […]


Ida Andia of Romania and Roy van der Merwe of South Africa continue looking at the 41 entries of the 2019 Eurovision song contest and highlight one good point and one bad point of each entry. Next up is Austria. Ida – good point : I like the staging – black and white, and the […]


ESC Covers has been alerted to 3 more “positive” awards being voted on. Voting has closed and you can click on VIEW RESULTS to see them. It is a pity we had not been aware of this when voting opened.

Tatia Kobaladze & Ani Vakhtangadze perform ‘Shallow’ duet at Ilouri

Tatia Kobaladze & Ani Vakhtangadze are regular performers at the Ilouri restaurant in Tbilisi, Georgia. They entertain packed audiences with their shows. The girls perform a variety of hit songs and styles of music. Tatia & Ani recently performed Shallow from the movie soundtrack of A Star Is Born. Tatia has had experience of taking part […]

ESC Covers – second semi-final predictions

Here are the second semi-final predictions of ESC Covers – ROY            IAN      NIEL ARMENIA                  N                  Y           N IRELAND                   Y    […]

Russia and Albania Press Conferences

Russia and Albania presented their second press conferences at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Sergey Lazarev said he was happy with rehearsal except for some issues with water. He was joined by Filip Kirkorov (one of  the composers). Sergey advised there will soon be a Russian version of Scream. He has the lyrics ready and […]

Press Conferences: Thursday 9 May

Here are some highights from the first set of press conferences after the second set of rehearsals at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv. ESC Covers presented DMol from Montenegro with a special musical note trophy. Below you will see Cyprus, Montenegro, Finland, Poland, Slovenia  

Georgia: Nutsa Buzaladze releases charming new song ‘Gelodebi’

Nutsa Buzaladze has released a new single from her new album ‘Nutsa 22′. The track is called Gelodebi and it a beautiful song with a nice melody and orchestral sound. Gelodebi and the album ‘Nutsa 22′ will be released via all download and streaming platforms. The song Gelodebi is composed by Rusa Morchiladze and Irina Sanikidze. Nutsa performed White […]