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Melodi Grand Prix 2024 – Heat 2 Song Review

Well, that was a fast week! It’s time for Andy Richards to take a look at Heat #2 of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix songs, which will be competing for your votes this evening. There’s yet another six songs to pick from, so let’s get into this…

Farida – “Heartache”

Some nice acoustic guitar chords kick this one off, followed by Farida’s soft vocals. There’s a few Mediterranian style claps, then the beat kicks in and changes it to a bit of an upbeat pop-banger! Some segments remind me a little of Spain’s offering from Liverpool 2023 – but this has more of a Keiino feel to it, and has a couple of nice elements including slow downs, and an ‘almost’ keychange. It’s a nice start to the second heat, but I can’t imagine it making it through to the final as it’s all a little bit ‘Eurovision by numbers’. We shall see in a few hours time!

Mileo – “You’re Mine”

Plenty of effects on the vocals on this one. It will be interesting to see how this translates when performed live. It’s another good pop song and reminds me a little of ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’, or something that Mika could have knocked out 15 years ago. The rhythm is punchy, and the ‘mi-ye-ai-ee-ai’ melody works well too. It’s not exactly jumping out at me as a definite finalist, but there’s something for everyone that I think will give it a higher chance at success tonight.

Eli Kristin – “Touch of Venus”

Very nice orchestral opening to this song, and a strong, powerful vocal from Eli.  Very Bond. (Both James, and the classical ‘girl group’ of the same name). It’s the type of song that would do well in Albania’s selection, being that big ballad. The yodelling shrieks cause it to lose a few points from me, as I wasn’t much of a fan of Australia’s ‘Zero Gravity, which it reminds me of. It’s a somthing a little bit different in tonight’s show, and certainly a step away from the first two pop offerings, however.

Super Rob & Erika Norwich – “My AI”

I was still unsure if this was ‘Al’, as is Alan, or ‘AI’ (Artificial Intelliegnce’ going into this. It is Artifical Intelligence, however – and almost sounds like it’s being written by one. Another over-the-top pop banger, and this one really is an Aqua clone! Even more so that the ‘Barbie’ entry in last week’s heat. Danish lawyers could start twitching if they’re watching tonigh. I like it, and it does seem to have a K-Pop kinda sound to it, but I’m not sure the grannies of Norway will appreciate it. This would have better been suited for Junior Eurovision, should Norway ever compete in the future! Looking forward to seeing the massive ‘Masked Singer’ style robot on stage!

Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – “Judge Tenderly of Me”

Changing tempo completely now – we’re off to the country! This is very pleasant and sounds like it could be enjoyed while relaxing in a coffee shop. I prefer Dag Erik’s style of vocals to Anne’s in the song, and think it possibly could have done better being a solo-effort – but the harmonies in the choruses do blend nicely. It’s something different in tonight’s heat, but I worry it could completely get forgotten after the utter madness from the previous song!

Gåte – “Ulveham”

Potential backing vocals from Xena – Warrior Princess open this. Lots of vocal gymnastics and yodellind! Nice to hear the native language in this one too. Absolutely zero English. It’s a great production, and the transition into rock is a welcoming surprise. I’d best describe them as a ‘Norwegian Evanescence’ on first listen to this song. I’m hoping to see plenty of flame jets and pyro in the staging, as soon as the guitars kick in! I’d pick this one as my favourite of the evening.

So, that’s your lot for Heat #2. I don’t think the quality of songs is quite as strong as last week, but another three will be making their way into the grand final. The show is live on NRK1 in Norway from 19:50CET, and also available online at this link.

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