Akuvi releases her new song ‘Confusion’

Akuvi has released a brand new song entitled Confusion. It is a haunting and contemporary track sung with strong drum and bass beats and soulful vocals. Confusion is composed by Akuvi (Beatrice Akuvi) and Hosen Kumordzie. The track is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores. Akuvi took part in the 2020 Melodi Grand […]

Alexander Rybak releases official music video for ‘My Whole World’

Alexander Rybak has released the official video clip for his song My Whole World, which is a country tinged ballad. My Whole World is self composed by Alexander Rybak. Alexander won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for Norway with Fairytale and also represented them again in 2018 with That’s How You Write A Song. You […]

‘What Would You Do For Love?’ is the new single by Ulrikke

Urikke has released a brand new song and music video for What Would You Do For Love? It is a cool pop song with a nice acoustic style and laid back feel perfect for the summer days. What Would You Do For Love? is composed by Ulrikke, Ben Adams and Olve Flakne. The track is available […]