Armenia: Check out Lia from 2018 Depi Evratesil

Lia was the first singer to perform in the grand final of the 2018 Depi Evratestil Armenia Junior Eurovision national selection with her song Kamac-Kamac. It was a great start to the show by Lia and her upbeat song, where she was joined by four girl backing singers. Kamac-Kamac has a very strong production and […]

Erik Antonyan releases music videos for his Depi Evratesil song in Armenian and English versions

Erik Antonyan recently participated in the 2018 Depi Evratesil national selection for Junior Eurovision in Malta. His song was called Ari Pari. Now Erik has released music video clips both in Armenian and English language versions. The English version is called Come On And Dance. The lyrics are by Nick Egibyan and Erik Antonyan and the […]

Check out Erik Antonyan from Armenia

Erik Antonyan is a young singer from Armenia but is currently based in the United Kingdom. He recently participated in the 2018 Depi Evratesil national selection for Junior Eurovision. His song was entitled Ari Pari by Nick Egibyan. Erik has released several songs including Armenian and English versions of his song Happy Birthday. He also released a […]

Sevak Khanagyan will represent Armenia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

Sevak Khanagyan has won the Depi Evratesil national selection and will represent Armenia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal in May. He won with the song Qami with the voting a combination of jury and public votes. 10 acts competed in the final – Sevak Khanagyan – Qami  Gevorg Harutyunyan – Stand Up  Lusine Mardanyan […]

Armenia: The next five qualifiers of 2018 Depi Evratesil

The second semi-final of the 2018 Depi Evratesil took place in Armenia and five more acts made it to the final – Kamil Show Amaliya Margaryan Sevak Khanagyan Mariam Petrosyan Asmik Shiroyan The grand final will be on Sunday 25 February. Source:; ESC Covers

Armenia: First semi-final of 2018 Depi Evratesil selection

The first semi-final of the 2018 Depi Evratesil national selection took place in Armenia tonight with five acts making it through to the final – Gevorg Harutyunyan  Lusine Mardanyan  Mger Armenia  Nemra  Robert Koloyan  Source: ESC Bubble; ESC Covers

Armenia: Final five songs for 2018 Depi Evratesil released

The final five songs for the 2018 Depi Evratesil have been released. Robert Koloyan, Maria’s Secret, Lusine Mardanyan, Mariam Petrosyan, Gata Band. Source: YouTube/Depi Evratesil; ESC Covers

Armenia: Third set of songs from Depi Evratesil released

The third set of songs from the 2018 Depi Evratesil have been released the broadcaster AMPTV. The acts are Mger Armenia, Arman Mesropyan, Asmik Shiroyan, Zhanna Davtyan, Gevorg Harutyunyan. All the songs so far can be heard at the official YouTube channel of Depi Evratesil Source:  ESC Covers; YouTube/Depi Evratesil