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STAR OF THE WEEK – WAYLON – Song 3 Calm after the storm

STAR OF THE WEEK is a project by INFE South Africa and INFE Ireland, in which throughout the week the attention is focused on 1 singer, duo or group.

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MELOVIN & SOWA – stunning video, shocking reaction

Participant from Ukraine at Eurovision 2018, MELOVIN complained about bullying by one of the largest music channels in Ukraine.
A few days ago, the duet video of MELOVIN and singer SOWA called “Таємний знак” was released.
This song, among other things, raises an important social topic – people who have hearing problems.
But this clip never appeared in the channel rotation. The singer announced this on his Instagram account: «To the great regret of my fans, the video “Таємний знак” will never appear on the screens of the country’s main music TV channel! The reason is very clear for my team and for me. After an awkward and, of course, “accidental” situation with the absence of a part of my performance at Atlas Weekend and my coming out on the main stage, this decision was very predictable.» MELOVIN also noted that he had repeatedly faced insults and disrespect from the channel’s management.