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Albania: Ervisa releases her new song ‘Zemra na na na’

Ervisa has released her latest song and music video called Zemra na na na. It is a cool and contemporary pop song with a strong production and clear and sweet vocals by Ervisa.

Zemra na na na is produced by Joniad Banush and lyrics by Ervisa. The video production is by DArt Channel. The hair and make up is courtesy of Renada and Fati with choreography and Styling by Tan Brama.

Ervisa has released several successful music videos in Albania and has participated in Top Fest.

You can see the official music video for Zemra na na na below.

Source: ESC Covers; DArt Channel; Major Groove Music


Rea Rexhepi wins ‘World Superstar 2020’ – WAPA award

Rea Rexhepi is a talented young singer from Kosovo. She has just won the first prize in the WAPA ‘World Superstar 2020 – International Distance Online Competition’. Rea won a diploma award in the age category 10-13 years old.

Rea has already been singing for 10 years. Even at the age of three she was singing and has since gone on to have much success. She is now just 13 years old.

We are sure Rea has a big future ahead of her. Let us look at some of her music videos over the years – La Isla Bonita (by Madonna), You Will Never Know (by Imany), Ne Heshtje Duke Pritur (Silently waiting), Rrenci, Tungare, Enderrimtaret (Daydreamer),   Kesulekuqja Muzikli Stilin kshtu e kam (this was recorded when Rea was three!).

Source: ESC Covers

Ilirjana Elshani releases hot new track ‘Shisha’

Ilirjana Elshani from the video clip of ‘Shisha’

Ilirjana Elshani has released a brand new song called Shisha. It is an r’n’b flavoured contemporary track with a sharp and strong production.

Shisha is produced by Gentrit Shala for Big Dream Entertainment.

Ilijana is a new young talent from Albania. She has already released several popular music videos like Eja, Luje and Ideal.

You can see the official video clip for Shisha below.

Source: ESC Covers