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Albania: Ervisa releases her new song ‘Zemra na na na’

Ervisa has released her latest song and music video called Zemra na na na. It is a cool and contemporary pop song with a strong production and clear and sweet vocals by Ervisa.

Zemra na na na is produced by Joniad Banush and lyrics by Ervisa. The video production is by DArt Channel. The hair and make up is courtesy of Renada and Fati with choreography and Styling by Tan Brama.

Ervisa has released several successful music videos in Albania and has participated in Top Fest.

You can see the official music video for Zemra na na na below.

Source: ESC Covers; DArt Channel; Major Groove Music


Listen to Ervisa and her version of ‘Love Me Like You Do’


Ervisa has recorded a charming version of Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. Her sweet and clear vocals suit the track very much.

Ervisa has previously participated in the Top Fest competition in Albania and she has released several songs and video clips. Her sister Dorina was part of the Albanian team on the Eurovision stage with Kejsi Tola in 2009.

You can hear Love Me Like You Do by Ervisa below.

Source: ESC Covers; DArt Channel

Ervisa releases her first official video for #Babylove

Ervisa {copyright: OnAir Production}
Ervisa {copyright: OnAir Music}

Ervisa has released her brand new song, and her first official video, for #Babylove. The song is composed by Joniad Banushi with lyrics by Big Basta. It is a high quality r’n’b flavour pop song with a strong production.

The video for #Babylove is very colourful and beautifully shot and portrays Ervisa’s elegance as she dances in the countryside wearing a lovely red dress with her blonde hair flowing. The director is Next Gutiner with D.O.P. by Endi Hoxha and published by OnAir Music. Make up was by Betty Beti.

Ervisa’s sister, Dorina, was on the Eurovision stage in 2009 as part of the Albanian team with Kejsi Tola and has also competed in the Festivali i Këngës. Ervisa is set to follow her sister and we may well see her also as one to watch for Eurovision in the near future.

Source: YouTube/ErvisaOfficial; www.esccovers.com