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Artist thoughts by Brussels Eurettefriend (Designed by Carolina Añazgo Leo):

“Say Cheese! I’m Brussels and my job is of course: making people smile in Eurovision makes me happy. I like to take photos of everything and everyfriend around me and I have a photographic memory, so I can remember who is who in Eurovision Land! Ready for a selfie? I do! With the other Eurofriends and beloved ones I put happiness in their faces.

I’m happy for Laura. She has achieved a lot in her 27 years. But now, she’s ready to share smiles here and at the announcement last night sang Salvador’s song in English. Reactions so far seems fairly positive. Belgium is taking the contest seriously and Laura has not enough time to plan on a good song. I’m smiling whatever happens during the Contest. My motto to my Eurostars: “Keep smiling in every situation, even in Eurovision” It always worth a million smiles!”- By Brussels Eurettefriend