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Listen to ‘Verona’ cover by Peter Wilson & Sean Smith


The song Verona has been covered by Peter Wilson & Sean Smith. It is a pulsating disco mix of the track now released by Energise Records.

Verona was the 2017 Eurovision song Estonia performed by Koit Toome & Laura.

Check out the music video for Verona by Peter Wilson & Sean Smith below.

Source: ESC Covers; Energise Records

OGAEvision contest 2017 – GERMANY

The Berlin weekend takes place 14 to 16 July (obviously in Berlin) and part of it is the OGAEvision song contest. There will be entries from 12 OGAE clubs and for the next days we will highlight each one. First up is the entry from the GERMAN clubs – they have two clubs and they have combined to pick an entry.

Why this is so interesting for us at ESC COVERS is that the male/female duo will be singing VERONA, the 2017 Eurovision entry from ESTONIA with GERMAN lyrics. We have covered the song in South Africa already weeks ago with of course AFRIKAANS lyrics. It is called AS IN DIE VLAMME and is sung by ANDRE VAN WYNGAARDT.

Just from a pure cover perspective, we are rooting for this entry.

Use the link to see more about it.



A few weeks ago, Rene covered the first song from the 2017 Eurovision season, a selection song from Romania. Andre van Wyngaardt has now covered the first actual entry for 2017 – ESTONIA 2017 – the song is VERONA by KOIT & LAURA. Andre calls his entry AS IN DIE VLAMME.

Right now it is just a promo single but he has plans to include it into his new album due out for later the year.

This is the second euro song Andre has covered, previously he did Sweden 2006, Invincible in Afrikaans.




Koit Toome & Laura to sing ‘Verona’ for Estonia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Koit Toome & Laura {copyright: EER}
Koit Toome & Laura {copyright: EER}

Koit Toome & Laura have won the 2017 Eesti Laul national selection with their song Verona and will therefore represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev in May.

10 acts competed and three of them went to a super final –

Koit Toome & LauraVerona

Rasmus Rändvee – This Love

KerliSpirit Animal

With a combination of jury and public voting it was declared that Koit Toome & Laura would carry the Estonian flag to Ukraine in May.

You can see Koit Toome & Laura perform their winning song, Verona, below.

Source: ESC Covers