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Recently we finished with our Top 100 which were compiled from the top 10’s of 103 people. Now for about 2 weeks, Roy of ESC Covers will do his top 20 of Eurovision songs he would have liked in the top 100 but they did not make it.

On a side note, a big thank you to Carolina of Peru who drew the beautiful Johannesburg Eurofriend,  which we use as the featured image.

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                                                                  PRESS RELEASE

                 Thörnholm/Clauss/Attlerud compete in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2016


                                                        MAKEDA performing STAND UP

The well-known Swedish composers Thomas Thörnholm, Michael Clauss and Danne Attlerud will compete in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix on February 27th with the entry STAND UP, performed by MAKEDA, known from The Voice and Körslaget in Norway. The composers say:-” Makeda truly is the absolutely right person and voice for Stand Up! We know that NRK looked quite some time to find the best performer for the song and they really made it! We are extremely happy!” The recording of the lead song really went smoothly in Boomfactory Studio in Irsta, Västerås, Sweden, with backing vocals by Makeda and Kenya, Makeda’s backingvocals partner from numbers of recordings and live performances in Norway,

Stand Up is a modern pop song with roots in the history of soul, which Makeda, Thomas, Michael och Danne really hope will appeal to the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix audience.

This is the 5th time the Swedish composers compete in Melodi Grand Prix, where the top score, so far, was reached 2004 when KNUT ANDERS SÖRUM won Melodi Grand Prix with the song HIGH composed by Thomas Thörnholm, Lasse Andersson and Danne Attlerud.