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CLIFF RICHARD represented the United Kingdom in 1973 with the song POWER TO ALL OUR FRIENDS at the Eurovision song contest. KELD (Heick) together with THE DONKEYS covered it in Danish as HJERTELIG TAK. Keld composed many Danish Eurovision entries, especially in the 80’s. Continue reading HJERTELIG TAK – KELD (HEICK) & THE DONKEYS


The day started off with very sad news from Ralph Siegel informing us of the death of CHRIS ROBERTS. Although Chris has never been an entry at Eurovision for Germany, he was well known among many EURO fans who follow German schlager music and songs composed by Ralph Siegel. One of his biggest hits was DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH (of course sang in German and composed by Ralph Siegel). The song was also covered in Danish by one of their most known Eurovision composer KELD HEICK (with his group) and the title is also DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH. In South Africa the song was covered as well and the title DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH was speak although the lyrics are in Afrikaans, and sung in duet form by Carike Keuzenkamp and Johan Stemmet. Chris was at Eurovision as one of a group of 6 singers who represented Luxembourg in 1985 with the song CHILDREN, KINDER, ENFANTS which was also composed by Ralph Siegel